c'est la moux pas la choux.


Made the Trip....Butt....

I made it here to my sister's house in one piece. The trip had no hitches, but I am sicker than a dog! Ickkk! It started on Monday. I thought it was allergies....so I just took my allergy meds and played it off. The night before my flight, I was achy and all that. I knew I was in big trouble. The last time I came here, in January, I drove, it took me 24 hours, i drove straight through....sick, with a fever....through a blizzard. I think this is a sign. Anyhoo, I trudged through the airport, dragging... doped on tylenol, sudephed, benedryl and ibuprofen all day long, alternating, of course. Feverishly winding my way to find my gates. When I got there, got on the plane, I was in the last seat always sitting in the back corner. This time, I was seated next to a large man, (I'm 5', 125 lbs) and he had lifted the arm that divides the seat between us, because he "overflowed" onto my seat. Unfortunately, I couldn't move, we were overbooked. Dang! It was only 1 1/2 hours, right? I could do this. I was pressed against the window....heaven forbid I had to get out in a hurry!

The next leg of my trip I was in the back the plane again, only it wasn't a big guy, it was a freaking cowboy wearing a ten gallon stetson! It started out ok, but he wanted to chat after awhile. He was nervous cuz he never flew before! Imagine that....but me having my "cold" or whatever, my ears were blocked and I couldn't hear. So I kept having to have him repeat himself. It wasn't till were about to land that he tells me he has Meniere's disease, which is fluid behind the ears or something like that. Makes him hard of hearing also. We were yelling at each other the whole flight!! LMAO!!! What a frikking nightmare this trip is. I was sick coming over and I have been sick since I have been here. It has been one thing after another. I have been here almost a week, and I am still hacking and coughing, achy and not feeling good. What a vacation!! I will post more later and keep you all updated....ehhhhh, was I not supposed to come out here? I was sick last time I came too!