c'est la moux pas la choux.


FAMILY.....The tie that binds, LOL

I have found that when family drama arises, this is the time that long distance is a good thing. But when recently, family emergencies came up, that distance was a hindrance. So...here we have a quandry. What to do? Is it good to live near family where we can help and solve things and grow closer, but also live near the heat of the problems, the drama, where we can't get away from the action. OR live away, visit when we want to, maintain that distance and perspective and just come around when absolutely necessary?

There are good points in both, I think. If you have the stamina to live and take the brunt of the hits that come with family drama, then go for it. If you have a close knit family, a warm family relationship that knows boundaries, by all means, that is probably the best thing. If you are one of those families that has one or two that like to butt in, or some outspoken person that doesn't know when to keep their mouth shut, or likes to outstay their welcome, maybe you ought to think of moving a few hundred miles away. Seems like distance may make the heart grow fonder!

For those having family problems, I am soooo sorry. I am not making light of that. We all have our skeletons in our family and have drama that we don't like to talk about. I am the first to say that. My prayers are with you. I just know that if we cannot laugh at life, what do we have? When life throws us these problems, we should take them, and know that somewhere, there is a family that is so much worse off than we are. I thank God for them, because I know I so blessed. Jo