c'est la moux pas la choux.


My Life As I Ponder The Week Ahead

Ok, so this week is going to be a very long and stressed out week for me.  I have a court hearing on Thursday for a disability case.  I applied over 2 years ago and it is finally come around.  The state of NC is so back logged in the court system that is has taken this long for my turn to get heard.  Can you believe it?  Well, the first two times I was denied, which my lawyer says is pretty much a standard for Social Security.  I don’t know.  I’ve known others that have not had any problems, and those that had more wait than I did. 


Anyway, I went to a meeting yesterday and my lawyer thinks that our case is very good.  I on the hand, am very pessimistic.  I am nervous, anxious and seem to forget details, which when I have to give testimony, may not look good.  Which is one of my disabilities.  Part of my fibromyalgia….I have fibrofog quite a bit, where I can’t concentrate, lose details to events that happened..and I forget.  Even when I was younger.  So, I write everything down.  LOL  Of course, there are the migraines, at least 5~6 a month.  Arthritis all up and down the spine…..carpal tunnel in both wrists, and arthritis in hips and hands, two discs are bad in the lumbar area of the back.  I have loss of range of motion and use in my right arm due from numerous surgeries.  My ability to concentrate and stay focused is very limited due to my complex medical condition.  I do have some cardiac problems.  Not so severe as my sister C, but enough to be bothersome.  I also have chronic kidney disease, stage 3.  Now, I didn’t mean to go on and on about how sick I am….I just wanted some that asked what was going on in Face Book that were concerned and were praying about it, to know the whole ordeal.  I appreciate all your prayers and good thoughts for me on Thursday.   I will keep you updated.  I won’t know a verdict for 2 weeks after.  I will be a mess until then.  Like I am not a mess now, right??   I appreciate any hints, helpful insights, or just feedback if you have it.  And thanks again for all your kind words and prayers already.