c'est la moux pas la choux.


Soggy Sunday

We have not had rain for several weeks now.  Today is rainy and gloomy.  Thank you Lord.  I do have a bit of a headache, but as it is coming down, it is refreshing and it is letting up.  I love rain and it’s smell and all it’s cleansing power.  There is just a wee rumble of thunder which makes it nice for sleeping or snuggling.  Or for my sister’s case, driving.  She is on her way now to see me, and it is the perfect driving weather.  We both love rain to drive in, since the sun gives us both headaches.  She will be stopping shortly for a break to take a nap and it will be perfect for her sleeping.  It is raining where she is also. 


Yesterday I watched the grandbabies for my son and his wife.  It was their 5th anniversary.  I had them all day.  They went to the beach and dinner and movie.  I took the kids to the park.  Then we went to McDonald’s and got happy meals.   We decided that we would pop in to see Papa at his work and say hi at the furniture store.  I needed to get a small lamp for the living room.  The kid’s were being sooooo good, I took them to Walmart after and let them each pick out a lil something.  We got a memory game and a musical book.  Then we went back to Nonna’s house for a bit.  We made popcorn there to take to their house.  (I don’t like microwave kind.)  I brought a Disney movie they hadn’t seen before: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Jordy loved it, Sammy didn’t care. 


It was a fun weekend.  Mostly quiet, now resting.  Waiting for my sissy, getting her room ready. Drive already!