c'est la moux pas la choux.



What a wonderful time we are having with our family together! I would never of thought that we would of all have had a chance to be together again. The last time we were together was in 2001. Way too long for a family reunion, especially if one of the siblings is thought to have a terminal disease. Thankfully, that was not the case. Well, we have not gotten ALL the results yet, but for now, we are all together and we are making memories. Pictures will be following. I have yet another party to prepare for. So...off to the store we go...two more days! I don't want to think about it!


PC's, Packing, and Partying!

voila!! my wonderful husband has restored life back into the ole girl!! well he reformatted her. poor thing. we had to do complete by-pass (i had to go through and save everything near and dear, put it on his laptop) then he just completely took everything off and it was just like it came when it was new again. i think. now i have to go and "JO"-ize everything all over again. but it is better than buying a new one. again, i think. well i wanted a new one. i am ready for a MAC. but he wants one too. and until we can both get one, i dont think i am getting one. i am lucky to have this one. it is me lil baby come back to life. bless her little cd rom. so, now the chore of getting her the way she was...but all in due time. meanwhile...i am off to pack...i have a trip coming up, ya know! me and me lil delly jo (my laptop, so lovingly named) are off to NE in a couple of days to see my brother and sissies. a BIG party is a plannin'. it is a surprise, so don't tell. my middle brother and sister, they are twins, are turning 50, don't know i am coming. it will be the 1st time in over 10 years we have all been together. SO...i am so excited...of course "C" my oldest sister and i will be posting pics of the gang, and the extravaganza's, i am sure there will be more than one while we are together. my brother, he is the one we were worried about with the cancer, was cleared of intestinal cancer, but still may have lung cancer. we won't know for another week or so. darn doctors just make you wait. enough to drive you to drink when you are already sick!!


it's dead, morte, no life left to her, buh bye, capoote....

Can we have a prayer and funeral for a computer? She was a good ole girl...she was only 18 months old, just a baby really. She was faithful. Followed me everywhere, did everything I asked, most of the time. Then she got it. It came out of nowhere, I swear I didn't know! The poor thing didn't know she was even infected with it. I guess that is the best way to go. My husband, bless his heart, stayed up the last 3 nights with her, trying to diagnose what was her problem. Some kind of weird virus going around he said. She just gave up, she died early today. So as they do with these things, we just go on. We just have to. She would want it that way. Good ole DELLY JO, she was a trooper.

So...until I get my self back together...it may be a few days...I have hubby's but it won't be the same. I will be back and "restored" in a few days. Thanks for putting up with my antics. Jo



Thank you bloggy buddies for all your concerns and prayers. My brother got good reports on his colonoscopy. NO CANCER!! He still has to hear back on his lung tests, but I feel this is a good sign. He feels good, he is out mowing his yard, and he is going up to see my two sisters in NE. And unbeknownst to the two birthday kids, he and my middle sis, they are turning 50 on the 29th, I am flying out to surprise them. Only my older sister Chris knows. You all know her as "C". She is the glue that keeps us all together when the pieces seems to come apart. When things like this happen, she is like the mom that we all never had. She seems to talk on here like she never had that relationship with "our" mom. She may not have, but she was always like a mom to all of us and was the best one any could ever have. we love her like she is our best friend. we can tell her anything like a friend and she is there no matter what. whenever one of us needed anything, she and dave (the A-hole she speaks of now, but then had a decent heart) never said no and took us in or gave us money, or whatever it was we needed. all 3 of us siblings all lived with her at one time or another in our life. some for short times and some for extended times. i don't know that i have ever said thank you. but i don't think that would EVER be enough. So...when we have a chance to get together like this....all 4 of us, I try to make every effort to make it there, come hell or high water. And believe me...it has been raining something fierce over here....lol! The water is high, but I am still on my way. With our brother going through this scare, and we still don't know how it will turn out, the last time all 4 of us got together was over 10 years ago. So...this is going to happen. WE WILL HAVE FUN.... and pics will be posted! So stay tuned.....my bloggy buds....for there will be a great party happening in NEBRASKA next week!


Life is too short, get a long little doggy....

We found out that our brother may have intestinal cancer. "C" and I are praying that some glitch on the test or someone maybe misread or something...I don't know. I feel angry....I feel hurt...he is a young man, married happily, could never have children, although they wanted them desperately. He is only 49. He is a twin to our other sister. He is such a good person, always wanting to good for other people....I know there is a reason, I am a Christian and I understand that God works in mysterious ways. We just don't see it in His time line. But in my human eyes, I want to understand so I can comfort him and his wife. I want to tell them it will be okay. Well, in my own mind, I know that is for me mostly, not so much for them. God will take care of them. Please keep us in your prayers the next few days while the testing is being done and we find out all the specifics. Thanks. God Bless You...



the kids are all home, dad has fixed lunch, he even did the dishes! imagine that! now it is time for mom to take her much deserved nap. kids leave her alone. but will that happen? NEVER!! they love you too much to let that happen. one needs their shoes, one needs a uniform washed for a game they didnt tell you about, another one wants 4 dozen cookies for the class party on monday, and yet another NEEDS "mom" time. so....what day is today? oh, i forgot, its MOTHER'S day, yeah, that is why you are getting all the attention!! YEAH RIGHT, GIVE ME A REAL BREAK, WOULD YA? AND THROW ME A BONE?


faces only EVERYONE can love!!

This is my grand daughter Molly, the number 2, in the yellow sweater. This is taken in Venice, Italy. The caption read that she was eating a carrot, but of course I had to make it say she was puckered up to give me kisses. I miss her terribly. They were here for 6 weeks and just left last week. The other two, Jordan and Samuel, are siblings and belong to my son, (Molly belongs to my daughter) and they live 9 hours away. I won't see them for a long time either. I guess what I want to say to everyone is please don't take your family for granted. I have read on numerous blogs about arguments and things between family members, (me included! I'm guilty now and then!) about how we don't get along, they did this, we haven't talked for this many years, and most of the time, nobody remembers over what! I look at these little faces and I think of how time is flying by and how I can not spend just a few days out of year with them. And here other people have their families right there and they throw it all away on petty little things. It makes me angry people! Yes I am living with my in-laws, but it is not the same as blood relatives. Sisters, children, grandbabies...life is too precious and too short to waste it on trivial nonsense when people can just GET ALONG!! Be the big person and make the first move and reconcile with that one person that you have had words with or have not spoken to in years. You will feel a lot better after it is all done. I promise. Jo


Enjoying the weather and beauty of nature...

As i sit and enjoy nature and all the wonderful weather that we have been having, it makes you think of the one who made it all. What a great God we serve and all that he has made! For people that don't believe in a Creator all they have to do is look out side and see for themselves the wonders of the earth. What started this was a few days ago when I planted my garden and saw all the worms and buggies that make everything work. I remembered when my kids were little, (really young) and they were grossed out at worms and bugs and dirt. I took that opportunity to tell them about the life cycle of how things grow, we eat it, then it goes to waste, and gets back into the ground and so on. How one species lives off the other, etc. It was so special. I remembered all that just being outside and planting in the garden! But it doesnt have to stop there! It can go so much further. You can teach a whole plethora of ideas and things to your kids from nature. All you have to do is DO IT! Anyway, off my soapbox for the day.

This was just going to be me, being melancholy and remembering all the wonderfull beauty there is all around me. Sorry for getting off on a limb. And what a wonderfully, cute and flowery limb it is. Oops, there I go again! Well, I will go now. I think I have said enough here. You all go out and enjoy the weather where ever you may be. If it is snowy, enjoy it, or rainy (which it did that later this afternoon, yeah! love it!) enjoy that, or if it is just plain, jane old dreary foggy, and cold, one of my favorites too, enjoy that especially! Have a wonderfull day no matter what, and remember, there is beauty and wonderment all around us, no matter what the weather is doing. So enjoy it with the one's you love now. For we know not what tomorrow may bring. Jo