c'est la moux pas la choux.


Lots of New Things Going On....

Well, I have had such an eventful week! Major BIG stuffs.....well to me they are. LOL! I had some surgery about a month ago on my shoulder....well that was awhile ago....but anyhoo, it has been a long road to recovery. Physical therapy has been more like torture therapy.....and there is still a long way to go. They had to repair some torn ligaments and also clean up some bone fragments from a break a few years ago. Nice.

Next on the agenda....one of my medicines was causing me to have palpitations and a fast heart beat. Over a hundred beats per minute...for no good reason...I could see if there was a cute guy involved, or maybe some alcohol....but no good reason...and it also depleted my potassium! So on top of all that I felt like poop. Probably looked like it too. Then the chest pain started. Ehhhh, I got scared. I immediately went to the ER. They decided to keep me for a few days. My potassium was critically low. They dip a IV drip of potassium, OMG. I will never do that again!!! EVER, NEVER, AGAIN! It was just like having pure alcohol run through my veins. It burned so bad, I cried, sobbed, as they gave it to me. They told me "it would burn just a bit." I would not wish that on a dead animal! Anyway....that is done...I'm still waiting on dr. reports....but I'm home and doing a bit better.

On a lighter note....get off this boring subject.....I got a cute new lil computer. It's only 10 inches! It is just too cute! It only weighs like 2.5 lbs dripping wet! (don't try that at home!) And it does everything my 15 in did, cept the DVD player...and well, I will miss that. But for the weight, since my shoulder surgery, I can't lift so much...I love it, its so light! It is the size of a book! Perfect for me small, little hands. Love it!

Also....we have company coming! Yip yip horray! My husband's sister is coming for a visit next week. She will be here a whole week. She is coming to surprise her dad who is in the nursing home. Her youngest son may come also. I haven't seen him since our kids were little. He is like 30 now, but it will be so nice to visit. Her other son and his family will be here also the following weekend. So a little fam reunion will take place. They are coming for a wedding. My son has two kids that will play with their daughter, who is two. It will be fun. (I think! LOL) Pictures to follow for all the extravaganzas!!

Well, my lil bloggy buddies...I think I have tortured you long enough. I will post some pics maybe tomorrow. K? I have some coming....