c'est la moux pas la choux.


If She Wasn't My Sister I'd Slap Her!!!

Yeah, you heard me right!!!  She has scared me sooo many times!!!  OK, I will just pinch her, really hard then.  Slapping isn't nice.  lol  She has been through a bunch this last month.  OK, I will just give her the ole evil eye then.  Hows that?  She is still not out of the woods.  I left there last week.  When I left her, she was doing fine.  She was on the road to recovery.  Then things went downhill from there.  I think she just wants me to go back and be with her, don't you? 

Poor little toone, as I was driving across the country, singing at the top of my lungs to stay awake, all I could think about was her.  All the what ifs, and all that.  Butt, I just had to go cuz my tags on me lil car were about to expire, and you don't want that to happen while your traveling!!  Ehhhhhh that would be a biggie fine!!!

Anyway, back to my sissy....she was doing good,  then she got to where she couldn't breathe good.  WTH???  So, the day I left, they tapped her lung that had fluid in it, and removed 2 litres of fluid from it!!!  OHHHH EMMMMM GEEEEEE!  I was eating when I got that little bit of info.....(puked a little) butt she could breathe a whole lot better and was walking more.  So, one step back, two steps forward.  Or so we thought.  The next day, she got her catheter out thinking that her kidneys were well on their way.  So they thought.  She was making urine on her own.  Which is what kidneys are supposed to do.  Butt, and here is a BIG BUTT, they had her on LASIX.  This is a major diuretic.  It was doing all the work.  She had sustained quite a bit of damage to her kidneys from her surgery due to her blood pressure being so low and her being sooooo weak.  And of course, they wouldn't of known all this had they not taken her line out, and her catheter.  Her lab numbers started to climb.  Well all them were all out of whack.  Her hemoglobin was way low again.  So they gave her two more units of blood on Monday.  She went into atrial fibrillation all night, so they corrected that with meds.  That is and irregular and high heart rate.   She was also very anxious for some reason.  I don't know why, can you think of any reason?  lol  So she got meds for that too.  I have been trying to post her status at least every other day on Facebook.  So if you follow me or her there, you can keep up with her.  My page is on the bottom of my blog, if you want to follow along...I will friend you.  Just let me know you are a friend of hers.  She doesn't have access to a computer yet, but her son Nicholas will set her up with a notebook when she gets to rehab.  So she will be connected again.  I just spoke with her and it looks like she will be released tomorrow to rehab!!!  YEAH!!!  She does not need dialysis now.   So glad of all that! 

On a different note,  I just know that you are dying to see these babies of mine, right?  haha  Well, here you go: 

My lil Delilah, who will be 1 in a week!
Molly, 4 and sister Dee!
Jordan, 6 and my only grandson Sammy, 3!
There we go, that should hold you for a good 2-3 days.....until I break out the new camera and go hog wild on the critters!!  LOL  Oh wait, did you say critters???  How could I forget them?  Poor little neglected poopers.....Thats Morgan, the oldest, she is 12. 

This one is Freida, she is 9ish, and has the least amount of teeth. So her lil tongue hangs out.  So darn cute.  We call her Fre Fre for short. 

And the tiniest and youngest is our Cocoa Puff.  Both her and Morgan are chocolate.  Freida is red.  Cocoa is around 7ish.  Since we adapted them, we don't know their exact age.  We do know Morgan's since we have her papers.  Yup, I'm a weiner loving mama.  I even got a tatt on my wrist of one!!  Crazy girlie that I am.