c'est la moux pas la choux.


My Experiment

I have decided that I am going to do an experiment on food and see if any of them cause me to have migraines.  Yup….I never noticed a single item I have eaten to give me a problem in the past, but I am going to start with one item, like gluten I think, and eliminate it, and see what happens. 


Then I will try wheat and then soy items.  They seem to be the biggest culprits I have heard about.  If anyone has any information, please post.  At this point, I am at my wit’s end.  My neurologist is ready to give up on me.  He wanted to send me to a pain clinic.  What the heck?  So I just need to figure things out on my own.  It’s sad when your own Dr. doesn’t even want you any more!  What are they going to do for me at a pain clinic that they didn’t do at the neurologist?  I’m sick of Dr.’s  I will try my little experiment and see what happens.  The most that can happen is I can have less headaches or more, right?  LOL!  Stay tuned for the updates….