c'est la moux pas la choux.


Oh death, why must you sting?

today marked the passing of a dear beloved friend who was such a kind and dear lady, i feel a void knowing she is gone. she was elderly and had a very filling life. a wonderful mother, grandmother and great grandmother she was. anyone who knew her instantly liked her. she was one her drew people in, made them feel at home, never knew a stranger. i only knew her 5 years, but felt like i had known her a lifetime. she was like a mom or grandma to many. just before i left kentucky, she became ill enough to have to move in with her daughter, who happened to be my supervisor. she lived in the dorms where i worked at the school. i saw her everyday. another lady from our school wrote a tribute to her that just brought tears streaming down my face. it was so touching. heart-warming...she will be greatly missed. she lived her love for the Lord everyday. her faith stood strong in all those years. the integrity of this lady, it speaks volumes. if you looked up the word in the dictionary, i am sure her name would be there! our loss today is Heaven's gain. i will miss you, Miss Betty, but save my place, i will see you again.