c'est la moux pas la choux.


The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

The family unit--as it used to be, plus one lil munchkin....we don't mind though.
Jonathan and Jessica
Jennifer and Molly-decorating the carport for Nonna and Papa
Molly--being a cewpie dolly, she was skyping with her daddy while she ate....lol
Jordy and Sammy---"No more jumping on the bed!!"
Jin and Moo--Getting ready to leave for church!
Jordan and Molly--we went to the park....they we soooo cute together...like two sisters...then it wore off....lol they love each other....just can't share toys.....not bad...adorable!!!!

Well, on Saturday, we had a wonderful cookout....Jim smoked 5 racks of baby back ribs....way too many for us...but yummy leftover. I made potato salad, gramma's recipe, her coleslaw recipe also, my home made baked beans cooked all day. Then....as if I didn't punish myself enough....I thought we needed home made onion rings! So....all the kids were here.....Jennifer and Jim spent the day in the yard cleaning it up, then Jonathan and family came over and we had a wonderful dinner. I would say more like a pig fest.....*burp* because I can still taste it and honestly, still pick stuff from my teeth!! ha ha

I hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather....we have had some warm days, and we have taken advantage. So....if you get a warm day or two....get out there and dust off that grill, even if there is snow on it....it is sooo worth it!