c'est la moux pas la choux.


Gone, gone, gone......

My company left yesterday and it was very hard to let them go.  I missed my brother as soon as he pulled out of the driveway.  He is never one to stay in one place very long.  He is just like my daddy was.  He can't sit still and has to be moving around doing something all the time.  We didn't sit still for a moment while they were here.  

                Day one, we took a ride on the Minnesott Ferry to Oriental.  So hot.....98*.

 Lydia and Mona, I jokingly said I would post these on Facebook saying these were my Mexican housemaids!!! They were cooking authentic Mexican fare for my honey.....fresh tortillas and all!!

                                                Enjoying our visits and mealtime chat.

      Dennis, Jordy and Sammy.  They loved their Uncle Denden.  He played with them all the time!!

Dennis doing the "Nestea Plunge" in our new pool!!  He is making sure it works good.  It was not quite full yet.  We just got it set up, and they couldn't WAIT to get in!!! I wanted more water in it.  LOL

                                               At Atlantic Beach, my Denden and Lulu. 

                                       Me, Sammy and Denden just resting from the awful heat.

So, anywhooo, that was a little bit of what we did.  Except for the shopping and all the eating.   They didn't stay too long.  I wish they would of stayed for a few more days but Lydia, I call her Lulu, has to go back to work on Thursday.  And Mona's hubby kept calling her like 5-6 times during the day.  He was sooooo lonely.  She had never left home before without him!  In 50 years.  So I feel pretty special that she would come here for her first trip.  

Well, I have work to do.  I have more company coming in a couple weeks!!  My sister and her kiddo's are coming for a week from Omaha.  Back to the drawing board.  Have a wonderful Monday everbooby!!