c'est la moux pas la choux.


Why Do I Feel Like This

Like you are working so hard at something and everything is against you? Like you pull and pull and never get anywhere? Well, my friend, join me in this little hullabaloo i call "my family."

it is like this. some days you love them, some days you want to bury them. yes? i think so, too. some family members who shall remain nameless...they may know who they are if they read this. well, there are days that are just dandy and fine...and then the next it is like all hell has broken loose and we have a whole different person. do you have anyone like that? i thought so. see? i knew our family wasn't the only one. whew....i'm so glad we are normal, anyway, let me tell you if this doesn't stop, someone is going to be missing some essential body parts that are pertinent to some bodily functions. i can tell you that much for certain, right now. so hang it up now, lose the attitude buddy, and honey...don't come crying to me if you find out you got some of your favorite clothes missing, either i don't have it, OR i can't remember where i put it after i washed it! lol (revenge....i love it!)