c'est la moux pas la choux.


At Long Last, ROOMS!

Well it is almost to a close...just a few last minute touch ups and the carpet will be laid this week. Wow, was this a long process. I hope we never have to do that again. I mean it isn't bad in a normal home. But we have dad with Alzheimer's, and mom with OCD and that is not fun one bit. So...this is one more set of pics. The next time I post more, it will be with all the furniture in them. It is a family room, with 2 large bedrooms off of it, and 1 large walk-in closet for our storage along with 2 closets in our room, and one in moms room. Of course, the rest of the house will need some face lift, but NOT NOW!!

And as far as my rut....well, I'm still in the hole, but I can peek my head out the top. So, thanks for all your support my bloggy buds. And toone, thanks for dressing up me blog. She is so cute and chipper now. I love u! Jo