c'est la moux pas la choux.


Renewing in many ways....

Well, it is Spring time, and with that comes Easter and a season of reflecting on what this all means. I think it is a renewing of many sorts. First and foremost, Easter...the time when Jesus came, suffered, died, and ROSE on the third day. HE IS ALIVE!! For that reason, we all may live. As believers, this is the foundation of our faith. THE ULTIMATE IN RENEWING!! Next, we have, Spring, with it comes all the rains and all the new born flowers, trees, birth of all that has slept all winter long. The rejuvenation of all that is green! With new smells, new vigor and strength, buds and stems are pushing their way through to show their vibrant colors and babies are being born to all manner of animals. This is new life in it's simplest form. The renewing of the species. One of my most favorite times of the years. And....as this all is happening...I feel like I am "renewing" myself in that this move is a new beginning also. A new adventure. Another chapter in our lives that is yet to be written. And what a perfect time of year to do it in, as all is coming into their own "new chapters" also. The new smells, the new sights, the new sounds of a new place. Arriving in a new season.... Jo

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