c'est la moux pas la choux.


Ahhh, Music Soothes the Soul, the Heart, Mind, Ears

This has not been a very good week, so in looking back, I think, my heart, mind, soul and my ears need a good purging. Yes...a good "Spring Cleaning," if you will. Music has always done that for me. So I have added a little addition to my page to help "keep me focused" on what is important. Also...on top of that awful week long black week of migraine...I now have a double ear infection. I have decided the music will soothe this savage beast. It may also be pleasing to my reader also, so as you read, and browse sit and listen, these are a few songs that have special meaning and are very powerful for me. They lift when you are down. Encourage when defeated, and most of all soothe when ruffled as I was. So, bloggy friends, enjoy, from me to you. And if you would like to add music to your page you can download the player at the bottom by clicking on it and following the links. 8)


Real Live Lesbian said...

Ahhhh...thanks. I needed a little soothing this morning ;)

Crazy Mo said...

Ah. Peace. So nice. Thanks for that. hugs