c'est la moux pas la choux.


Moving Right Along...

As we get ready to depart this place we have been for the last 5 years, we contemplate many things. Are we doing the right thing? Is it a smart move financially? Where will we be 10 years from now? What about the kids, they will be so far away?

Then I got to thinking...we prayed about this move. It's what we do about every major thing we do in our lives. We had a peace about it. So no matter what may come, God will handle the rest. So now, I have to make myself believe this. This is the time that doubt and satan come in and do battle in my brain and cause me to question everything. So, as easily as it gets in there, I have to remember my 1st decision and GET IT OUT!! My bloggy buds, please remember us as we are traveling the next 3 days. My husband and I, our daughter, and her 1 year old, and our dachshund. 1 big 26' truck, and our SUV, driving 12 hrs across the Smokey Mountains, into NC all the way to the coast. Then we have to find a house, sell a house, find a job, and take care of his dad in the nursing home. Not in that order, of course. So...we have our work cut out for us. I may not have time to post, but I will do what I can to keep you updated. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Jo


Granny on the Web said...

Hope the move all goes well, with your 'lightened' load. We are going to have to downsize soon as the garden is getting too much for us ( one acre) but I dread the very idea of having to sort out all the accumulated 'junk' we have hoarded through the years. The garage for one is my husbands hidey hole for all things he has snuck in from boot sales and charity shops.
Enough of our future headaches, you are in the throws of a move etc now, so prayers are needed for your fresh start in places new.
Look forward to your next post... when things have calmed down.
Gods blessings to you.
Granny in the UK.

ps the verification is fledu... appropriately.

C said...

wish i was there to hep ya, rhonda, but sounds like shwinne's gotcha covered wit da jimboob.
you just sit right back and nibble on beef (i crack me up...moux)
whilst da helty ones do da werk. uh oh, i'm misspellin again.
cant seem to keep all dat college learnin in me tete!
ok, here's da beef....
opps, again i chuckle...
somebody slap me...

now you and jimboob KNOW you are being led to what ev' da future 'olds. of course god will have his mighty hands around you all, and has a plan, stan, to werk ebbry ting out. even doe its 'ard... heehee TRY not to worry. all it duz is make more gray 'airs... (and ya gotta nuff a dem alreddy) lQQk who's talkin...

nuttin else matters 'cept dat you are mOOvin (sorry heehee) on to do more a god's werk. he needs you's. (is dat da maloone in me comin out?)

da kiddos can always come 4 a visit or you's go dere. dunt worry, loose, twill all B OK.

i strongly sergest dat ya write yeeseff a lil noteski, wit a remindah dat god has his hand on ebbryting. slip it in yo' poose i mean purse.... and ebbry time ya gits worry some, take la maudit out and read her....

eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy MO!
satan aint got no bizzniss or ROOM in yo' head. it's full of god. aint NO room at 'da in. dont go gittin yer panties in a wad.... over DAT dere ting.
walmart sells "satan BE GONE" and dis week it's on sale... go pick yerseffs up a few cases and ebbry ting will be OK.
dunt try to spray it up da noses, it 'urts dat way.
ya gotta go in frum da ears.....


eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy A TRIP IS IN DEE AIR.......

twill be fun, toone. startin over again someplace new. you'll see.
twont be looooooong bafore yee be callin and sayin "eyyyy MO! we lubs it here and guess twat?"

and den yo lil quiverin chins will tell beeg sis all about ebbryting and beg us to come out like yee always doo.
den you'll try to bribe me wit seefood. cuz ya KNOW me. and YA KNOW i be week in doze areas. but i'll prolly fall fer it, like i did in lousyanna.. but oh da fun we hads in da walmart at night, ey? if i wasnt pissin in da wheelchair, why, well i, shit, yeah i was pissin some where. memeber when diane and us went on dat trail, wee lauff so hard we had ta pee. and you fell backwards? eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mo.

and all of our crappins at da table. you made me stuffs and wee painted and tainted ebbryting.
yep, we will come see ya dere.
jus fer da shrimps. & crab legs... see, i B droolin already, freddy...

we jus dint like tenn or KY. (not da personal use one) (cuz i DO like dat one)

kiddin about not likin tenn & KY (again i say, case yee fergit, da state not da personal one for da pluts and trout cues) ;)

erm, MOTHER MAY I make a suggestioni...?

dunt buy no trailers in NC. dem tornados will blow ya'll away and i mean it.
we aint stayin in no trailer in tornado alley... and you shouldnt neidder.
didya C dat po' mama in da news... she cunt get out a her door twas too windy (ya know, like when our chickens used to lay da same eggs twice?)
and da tornado picked her trailer up, sucked her right outta da winders nd trew her 3oo feets in da air. she was alive but banged up like she never knew before. more so dan a good roll in da hey. she's lucky to have lived.
my pernt being, cuz i do have one, NO trailers, OK?

ya needs a nice stable tied down house underground, like da gophers do...
(and i dunt mean gopher from da lerve boat)

(a lil celine dion, dere... thank yoo)

any ho's will do... hahaha

i just NO ebbryting will werk out for ya's, ya scumbags..
kiddin but me fingers were on a roll dere...

i love you all and i have every faith in jim, and you and morgan, well, SPECIALLY MORGAN, she's da brains of da family...
that everyting will fall into place when it is sposed to. you guys are exactly where you are sposed to be at dis pernt (and i DO have une) in yo lives.
you'll see. i'll be sayin "i told ya so" nahneenahnahbooboo...

tell bigjim i pray his dad isnt hurting no mo. and not to be sad when he goes back home.[hebben] cuz you KNOW you will all be togedder in da end. we all will.

i love you all berry berry beaucoup and i hope to C ya soon, baboon.

may god line your roads wit his angels and get you all dere safely.

and remember.
you come from maloone. and you lived to tell about it.
so, you can do anyting you put your mind to.

will you be having dat same free phone number you gots now?
i shouda called mo, when i cood...
lemme know.

did ya see da irish blingy i put on yo sidebar?

twas a surpreeze..

yep and i redid me header.

kiss da moomoo 4 me. and da rest, too.

i miss you toone.

dirty goog.

yo beeg sistah from anudder mistah..

dint day evah tell you you's was adopted?



my werd verif. is=


isnt dat sum kinda italienne dish?
yep i tink mommy used to make it wit squirrel.
and onions.
but nun of us liked da onions...

C said...

ps # deux

sorry so short.

next time i'll write a lil more.

Mickey Johnson said...

...will be praying for you and your husbands family. Sounds like your new "ministry" doesn't look like the last one, but it is where He wants you to be. He will continue to clear the path for you. In the meantime, I will pray that you grab hold for the ride and enjoy what He has in store for your new adventure. xo, Mickey