c'est la moux pas la choux.


Please be patient, me bloggy pals, I'm MOVING!

hey all! i know i haven't posted in a bit. i have had to leave on medical emergency to my husband's family home in NC. his dad is really bad off, and now we must leave KY and go there to be with his parents. they are in their 70's and need him now. his dad will more than likely leave the hospital for a convalecent home. so we have to work out all the legal things for his mom and such. but i will keep up and keep posted here and there. take care me lil bloggy buddies. i will be checking in and reading in on yours to make time go by. and i will post as i can. blog on....jo


Rebecca Jo said...

Sounds like stress is ahead... hang in there!

jo.irish.rose said...

thanks you guys, i will keep you all posted, have not heard back about the other school yet. but keep your eyes and toes crossed! lol