c'est la moux pas la choux.


Looking around the house to downsize....

So...as we are packing, I am looking at all the junk I have collected over the last 27 years. That is just my married life. Not counting before, my 21 years of collecting crap. And there was alot then too. My daughter, God bless her, is here, helping us move, along with her baby. I get to watch the baby more and she gets to do more of the work. But she is "helping" me go through things. Or should I say, get rid of things. "Mom, this is like from when I was 8, you don't need it anymore. And this is so old, Gramma would throw it out!" Then she went into my closet! OMG, I thought I would slap her silly! Poor little Molly, that is my grandaughter. I thought she would be an orphan. Or at least motherless, by the time she was through. She got rid of over half of my things! She had the nerve to say I had no taste in clothes! And....that I didn't need all 78 pair of shoes. How dare she! Well, I did want to downsize. But sheesh, couldn't we throw away the couch and chairs and get new ones? Or maybe order new linens and stuff? Why of why attack my poor wardrobe? What did it do to her? I asked her, "Are you from that show, 'What not to Wear' secretly coming here pretending to help me move? Because this is NOT funny!! Anyway, Jin is still alive, bless her, and I have way less clothes. And somewhere, sometime, someone will get alot of nice clothes and shoes. Mostly, new....dad gummit, and mostly my favorites!!!! I'll get even!!! I will!!


Mickey Johnson said...

...sounds like you are having a great bonding experience with your daughter:0) hang in there! mickey

Celeste said...

Hi Jo!
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kimber p said...

omg Jo!! where did that adorable picture come from? I love weiner dog art.....lol