c'est la moux pas la choux.


The Hydroxytone Trial Debacle

I had seen this advertisement for hydroxytone on TV for a few months.  It was given away to celebrities at the awards.  I went online to read about it.  It had good reviews.  I thought I would order a trial.  It was only $1.99 after all, what was there to lose?  So, I filled out all the boring details….long as they were! Hit the submit button, only to be denied my unwrinkling! They said I forgot something or other on my form, so I went through all the whole ordeal AGAIN, but……when I did, I read some small, tiny, miniscule print on my way through to the one thing that I forgot, which by the way was my my phone number. 

Well, I read that once you order this, for $1.99, they have your credit card number.  Then in a month, they will ship you without your approval, well, I guess you have approved it, by purchasing the trial only you wouldn’t know this unless you had a magnifying glass to read it in the beginning, another order of the cream for $141.00!  Well, when I read this, I was so glad that the error occurred, I quickly erased all my information and hit the cancel button. 

But the nightmare didn’t end here.  Later that night, hubby and I were watching TV, I got a call on my cell phone.  I didn’t recognize the number but answered it anyway.  It was the a man from this company. He saw that I had canceled my order and wanted to know why.  I explained why.  That I like to be in control of my bank account and not have anything taken out whenever.  I adamantly told him over and over NO I don’t want their product.  HANG UP!

The next day, looking over my bank stuffs online, I see a debit for what else: $1.99!  From HYDROXYTONE!! The guy charged my account, which I don’t know how the heck he got, or how he got my phone number either!  I call the company, and they tell me, “I’m sorry, we’ve already shipped that order.”  I was soooo mad.  I felt like  someone stole from me.  Just because I hung up on him, he probably got mad and charged my card. 

Well, two can play at that game.  I called my bank.  I stopped payment on my card.  Ordered a new card.  Called the stupid company back, told them to cancel my account.  They told me I had to return the bottles of cream.  Yeah like that’s going to happen.  I never ordered them!  I guess the laugh will be on them when they go to charge my card next month when it comes time to renew!  The funny thing is, I got the cream in the mail, and it is good cream and I think it does work!  But do you think I will EVER order from them?  HECK no!  I will order it on EBAY, it is way cheaper and I can get when I need it.  It is a fraction of the cost.  So there, Hydroxytone, stick that in your cream!


jo.irish.rose said...

bon! j'espere que tu aime tons neuveux blog que je a fait! ca ma prix deux hours pour faire ca, maudit... hahaha c'est premiere pour la choux qui vas avoir une autre fille!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Ok, first of all, is there some news you want to share with us? The new look is adorable, and based on the VERY little French I remember from grade school, I think you just might be trying to tell us something.... :)

WTF is up with that company?! I can't believe they did that! Good for you for canceling your card. What a bunch of assbags!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hate the 'between the lines' crap that we have to LOOK for. work for I mean.
Glad you figured this out...horrible stuff.
Thanks for the heads up!!!!