c'est la moux pas la choux.


YES!!!! We Are Expecting!!!

We are having a girl in June!  And it’s not gonna hurt me at all!  Cuz my daughter is having her!  LOL  Now you didn’t think this old person was having a lil baby now did you?  ha ha


That would take a trick from the Almighty because things have been removed to make that impossible. 



the little baby having a snooze!


the lil momma with a lil belly



the proud big sister prancing around!!



the proud daddy, hubby and hero!!


Now you’ve met the family.  They will be having our little one in June.  I will go down and help them, God willing, for as long as they need me.  He will deploy shortly after that.  She will be alone with the two girls for 3-4 months.  Unless Uncle Sam decides to extend him, which he has done before to both of them. 


So, hoping there will be some traveling for the girls to see us, and some for us to be down in FL with them to take up the slack.  It is pretty hard with two babies.  Especially when one is gone.  She is quite an exceptional mom though and I am very proud to call her my daughter.  (though she is my baby, and always will be!)  More updates to come.  I just didn’t want you all to think that I was the one giving birth, though that would be funny….I would love nothing more.  I love babies soooo much.  But, I think God knew what He was doing when He gave babies to young people.  We older ones have kinks and crackles that just aren’t conducive to chasing little ones!!  I love it though when they come over and crawl all over me.  It’s like baby heaven….I just can suck out all their youth and breathe them in….ahhhh, the smell of a fresh baby, I can’t wait to taste a fresh one!!  lol


ChiTown Girl said...

Woo hoo!!!! That's exactly what I thought was happening!!! Congratulations!

Funny in My Mind said...

Yea! How exciting! I love babies too!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Congratulations to all of you.
Can't wait for the lil' angel to join your HERO family.
BTW: Mama's belly is almost as small as mine. Or maybe I should say, my belly is almost as bumpy as hers. :)

Rebecca Jo said...

AHhh - how fun!!! I love that little baby bump starting to grow!

Praying for the deployment & that God will orchestrate a smooth schedule...

jo.irish.rose said...

thanks for all the well wishes....and that "bump" is a over a month old and she promised a new one yesterday!! so, i will post her new bump when i get it. along with some new updated other grandkiddies, cuz i just know your dying to see them too!! lol