c'est la moux pas la choux.


What a nice wonderful autumn day....

Today has been such a wonderful Autumn day...I just had to write about it! The sun is shining, the leaves are blowing, just enough chill in the air not to be too cold, it is just perfect. At night you can smell people burning wood in their fireplaces....it is a joy to go out in. This is my favorite time of year...when you start planning your holiday meals and activities. It puts you in the mood to start preparing for decorations for Christmas. I also enjoy cooking more in the fall and winter. For some reason, when it is cold out, and your cooking inside, it gives you a good sense of security and comfort like no other. Yes, we have had a lot of rain, but our area usually does. It has not been so excessive yet.

So what do we have planned for the holidays? My daughter and her family are moving back to the states in a week. They will go to his parents in Vermont. They will be here for Christmas though, and I am thankful for that. I wish my son and his family would be able to come also....that would make it so perfect. They just came in September so I doubt that will happen. We will have time for a reunion of sorts in the near future, I am sure. My daughter also just found out she is pregnant! In July, I will be a 4th time Nonna! I'm so excited for them. There is nothing like being a gramma in this whole crazy world!!

Why dont you share what your plans are for the holidays? I love to hear other's plans, this will also give me ideas! LOL! Have any special recipes you would like to share, or traditions? For my family, we usually have a midnight feast called a "Reveillon" which includes going to midnight services, usually candlelight, and then returning to the house for "tourtiere" which is a meat pie, "tarte au sucre" sounds really rich but is actually a sugar pie, tastes like pecan pie without the pecans! "Cretons" would also be served....that is a pork meat spread that you put on toast or crackers, usually with mustard. There are other little things, but those are the main ones. These Canadian traditions from my mom's family have been part of ours for every Christmas I can remember. After we have feasted, well by then it is actually Christmas, so we would open presents. This we did when our children were young. Now we just wait until we wake up from our late night.

So....now it is your turn...what are you planning as we begin to anticipate the holidays?

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