c'est la moux pas la choux.


My poor lil sissy, broken again!!

OK, a few pics to make u laugh and stop thinking of that throbbing pain in the arm! Now, who put sooo much salt in my beer that I had to resort to this? And who took this perverse picture anyway? And why?
A nice whole week of festivities planned...we had such a good time, the laughs were just beginning, from Niece's strays that keep coming to her house......
To Dennis farting and almost making Niece throw up, by the way, look at his innocent expression!
To me and you having a lazy, breezy day on the water in your pool.....
to Molly getting all dressed up for her auntie gramma toone.....
and again, looking ever so darling, she kind of looks like u here, when u were this age...
And then there is me and moo sitting watching Gilmore girls with Choux. Wishing u were there, it would of been more fun.

Well, most of u know my sister, Christine, as C on her blog, Midwestern Mama with a New York Heart. She had another fall at work and broke her arm, the upper bone, which is the same side she damaged last time. She is in alot of pain, and will definitely need lots of prayers and love from her bloggy buds. She will be out of work for another few months. Please send her lots of bloggy love and support. I cant be there to help, I take care of my husbands parents with him. But luckily she has wonderful friends and family nearby to help.

Toone, I love u and want u to know that if I could be there I would. You are a strong and resilient person and I know that u will bounce, (not too hard now!) right back to ur ole self again. And if I know u, you will make a funny story out of all of this. It will be hard for u to type, but Di is there, I am sure she would do the honors for u, if u dictate. I KNOW u are good at that! lol i love u and pray for quick healing....je t'aime avec tout mon coeur!


Technodoll said...

OMG not another broken bone! Poor Christine, I had no idea - thank you for the update, I will send her my love and healing karma!

ps: your blog is adorable :)

Anonymous said...

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