c'est la moux pas la choux.


Anticipation.....just like the song!

Well, I am greatly anticipating our feast for Thanksgiblets Day! My husband is frying a turkey injected with wonderful spices and herbs. We have done this several times, and it is definitely a different kind of bird. But it is very tasty and moist, and such a wonderful flavor.

Then I will make my potato and bacon stuffing, though it wont go in the bird, it will still be awesome. I also will have a sweet potato casserole, it is more like a souffle, it has eggs in it and it is very light and fluffy. Topped with a crumble of pecans and brown sugar and cinnamon, it is sure to please even the in-laws. I have a recipe for home made rolls, that will depend on the kind of day we have, if it is too humid out, they dont puff up as good. So, parkerhouse rolls for a back up...just in case.

And what would the holiday be without green bean casserole? My version has mushrooms and onions in the mix, and then of course, the crunchy fried onion topping....my favorite part!

Along with the usual mashed potatoes.....freshly whipped with REAL butter, not the fake kind that some peeps use. That stuff will kill you! Not only that, it tastes like poop!

My hunny is also making his specialty....sweet potato pie for dessert. And I will have some banana nut bread, and what we call the "green stuff" which is watergate salad. Why it has that name, I dont know....but its made with pistachio pudding, pineapple, marshmallows, yummy....I cant wait!

And we must not forget the gravy....I have a wonderful recipe for gravy that we use every year....starting with a roux....then adding stock to it...you really cant mess this one up!

So....ours is going to be a very simple, basic meal....just for us. We dont have any peeps coming to enjoy it with us, but we will sure pig out! So, what is on the menu for you guys? Let me know...and maybe I may have to indulge in one of your delicacies!


C said...

toone! i wanna come for dinner! oh i am drooling! it will be SO yummy. i wont be cQQking dis year
cuz of the arm, di will have to do it all... but i WILL orchestrate from my bed/podium/chair! tell tout le mondes that we send happy turkey day to 'em... wishing i was gonna be dere...

moi, maudit

love you
miss you more!

Funny in my mind said...

Hey! We make the green stuff too except we call it green sh$t (mom always called it that- traditions you know)

C said...

so how was your holiday? yummy i presume? ours was too. i also made rutabegas n carrots like mommy used to. parker house rolls are da bestest, nuttin else compares. i meant to call you on thurs but i slept literally all day. i still dunt need da surgery yet. your sister is a biotch.

talk to ya later...

je t'aime.