c'est la moux pas la choux.



well i just want to say i have the bestest sister around! i have 2 actually, but i am rather fond of my oldest one. the other is fine, but she is not as close to me as C is. she is my favorite. she is like a warm cup of coffee on a cold october morning. she is like a hot bath when there is a chill in the air and your bones feel it. she is like a good book on a rainy afternoon, cuddling in a chair with your favorite blanky. she is like a mom, taking care of you when you dont feel good, making you a comfy spot on the couch and cooking some good soup to make you feel all better. she is like your favorite pair of shoes, so comfy you could walk miles in. she is one you want to tell your deep dark secrets to, because you know she wont judge you or tell anyone. she is one who teaches you how to do all the really bad stuff your mom dont want you to do, but still cares enough to make sure you dont get hurt. she is one you can go out with in the middle of the night and go shopping in wal-mart with. she is the one who would give you her last dollar when she knows you need it. she is the one who would give you her car when she knows your just blew up! she would let you live with her indefinitely, or at least until you meet the love of your life, and then move out. she is one who would do all the work for your wedding and not even bat an eye at the cost. she is the one who would drive to see you 1000 miles in a broken down car, cuz she knew that you needed some company. she is one who would give you her prized pictures of the family to take home and scan, knowing that you will take forever to return them. (they r in the mail, btw) she is the one that would give you bunches of her favorite earrings, some worth alot of money, just cuz she knows you love jewelry. she is the one that would make you homemade goodies, for all her family, taking her all year long to do it. she would cut off her good arm if she knew you needed it. she would also give you a kidney if you needed that also. maybe not the same week tho.

she is my big sister, and i love her beyond the point of forever, just because she is who she is. thanks, toone for all you do for me.

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Funny in my mind said...

I have 3 sisters and I love them all in different ways (hated them growing up!)but i could not live without them and even though we will kill each other if we are together for too long, it is always fun for a few days.
I loved the sweet things you said about her!