c'est la moux pas la choux.


A trip is in the air....lol!


Well, i've gone and done now.....going one last time (i think) to visit my daughter and grand daughter in italy. i am hoping this will knock some life into my somewhat lifeless being. we will see, time will tell. i am going for 3 weeks. so this might be a respite or a wreck of a time. right now, i see us traveling around, eating at some little off the way places she and her hubby have found, shopping at the market in the fall, spending money i dont have...lol. all in all, i think i just needed time to get away and regroup.

well enough blah talk..so i havent heard from hardly any of you...where are you all? lol i know, it isnt fun to listen to someone drone on an on about how depressed they are. im working on it. i think i have turned the corner. its just a time consuming process. i hope everyone is well, and all are having a milder fall season than we are in north carolina. we had a few cooler days...lol in the 70's. its back up to the 90's again. some fall weather...im ready for some cooler days. going out for walks, sitting outside without being eaten up by squiters, getting the warm clothes out of storage, just planning for the holidays....doesnt that seem good?

well, i hope to hear from you....take care and again, im sorry for the bluesy blah moods. i am on the upswing, i believe.


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Funny in my mind said...

What a fun trip! I would love to go too! You are gonna need a bigger suitcase for C and me.