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Scenes From My Sister's Visit

My sister Denise and two of her kidlets came to stay for a week.  Her oldest Charlie who is 21, and her youngest, Lily, 16 enjoyed time at the beach and shopping and swimming everyday in the pool.  

Me and Lily on the boardwalk in Morehead City, NC.  It was very windy. 

 Above, Denise and Lily on the Ferry.  Below that at Atlantic Beach, still quite windy, but very, very hot.  

Then this big, bad storm rolled in and we left.  No, it didn't cool it down any!!

 Dinner with the whole gang, Charlie, Jonathan, Jordan, Sammy, Denise, Jim but where is me?  Oh well, I don't need to know what I look like.  Ha ha!!!

Sammy and his daddy in the pool, with his new floatie vest.  He was so proud.

After taking the ferry over, the little town of Oriental, NC....we ate on the pier.  These little ducks came over begging for food.  This boat had a very Irish name.  I just had to take it's picture.  It was calling my name.....one day I will own one.....ha!! 

 One of the shops, a Sammy in the box!! I spent waaaay too much money here, they should of just given us stock to the store!!!  lol

I know I took more pictures than this, I just don't know where they are.  WTH???  OH well, you get the main point.....we had fun.  We ate, shopped, swam, and ate, had more shopping, swam, etc....there ya go!!!! ENJOY!!!  


ChiTown Girl said...

Glad you guys had such a great visit. Those grandbabies just get cuter every stinkin' time I see them!

C said...

looks like you had alot of fun...