c'est la moux pas la choux.


But I Don't Wanna Go.....

Look at those little teeth.  And dimples.  And cheeks.  And dancing eyes.  Well, dad gum, the whole face!!! I could eat it right up!!!  

How about this one?  Not as cute as the 1st one, but oh well.  She was playing "Peek-a-boo." 

We are eating bread here, and filled our faces FULL!!!  

Well, I had a reason for all my madness.  My daughter and her hubby are military and they will soon be leaving to live in Germany.  The will leave in February.  So my time with the munchkins is limited.  


 This is my daughter with Molly moo....who is 4 now.  Delilah just turned 1.  Of course I will go to Germany to visit, but it isn't like having them in Florida.  

She doesn't like her daddy, much.....lol.  The little princesses will see their Nonna in just 2 weeks.  I will go down there for 2 weeks to spend some time with them.  My daughter and her hubby are going on a mini honeymoon and I will keep the babies. 


ChiTown Girl said...

Holy mother of Mary, those babies are beautiful!!!!

I can NOT believe Little Miss Molly Moo is FOUR!! And, Happy Belated 1st Birthday to Miss Delilah. Wow, they just grow so fast.

I'm sorry they're leaving you for such a far away place. :( But I'm glad you're able to go visit.

It's really not at all fair that the most beautiful girl married the most handsome man, and then had the two most adorable children.

Funny in My Mind said...

With parents that gorgeous, those kids couldn't be anything but.
Germany is way far away. How long will they be gone?
You had better soak them in as much as you can because they grow way too fast!

Busy Bee Suz said...

They are so beautiful and sweet. If I were you, I'd start plotting your kid-nap plan. I'll help you.