c'est la moux pas la choux.


uPdaTe … mY brOken heArt will bE heAled wiTh suPer glUe & cheRRios…

I spent a few hours yesterday writing a very long post about what is going on with me.. then I posted it, without checking to see if it posted. When I looked at it this morning, I noticed only the first few sentences had copied and so then I thought WTF, all those thoughts gone. I know I saved it, but can’t find it! Maybe it will show up for dinner at some point and after I beat the crap out of it, I will post it all again.

Actually I am in the hospital due to chest pain, that started last Friday. After an onslaught of tests, SURVEY SAYS my heart needs an overhaul and a pair of new earrings. I need to look perdy cuz I will be having a triple bypass and aortic valve replacement, with fries and cottage cheese on the side. No biggie. I could probably do it meself since I am a nurse but I'm gonna pamper myself and pay some one to do it for me, just this one time.. 

Am I scared? Yes. Shitless.

Am I gonna cry like a girl? You bet your arse.

Have I run into any cute doctors? Yes but I'm a lady and always apologized.

My whole family came together to be with me as the surgery was supposed to be last Thursday, however I developed cellulites in both feet and ankles 2 days prior and the next day I woke up with bursitis on my left kneecap and cannot walk without assistance.  So the date was moved to Monday. That had to be cancelled as well because I still have the infections...  So now we are aiming for Wedsday.

Today, however,  I awoke from my nap only to find that I lost 100 lbs in my sleep,  and have no idea where that wandering  little tub’O’lard  went.  Consequently, no surgery until the infections are gone, which is hopefully soon as I am getting the top guns of antibiotics and they should be kicking in by now.  I  hate waiting on things, specially for a life saving surgery... as Janis Joplin once said  "come on and take it, take another little piece of my heart out, baaabbbyyyy.."

The pain meds I am on are really messing with me head. I will start to say one thing, doze off, then pick up as if I were still in the same conversation when I am not, it makes for awkward yet funny delicious moments.

I will keep you posted, peeps...




My cleavage is already grieving, she may need a 12 step program... or on going therapy just to deal… Who knows, possibly EST.

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