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Another Day, Someone Else’s Life

This is so weird that I haven’t written in a week. Well, I am recovering from my vacation, that does take some time. Yeah, sitting around watching movies, shopping, eating, playing games, swimming, visiting can be exhausting. DON’T ATTEMT IT IF YOU HAVE A HEART PROBLEM!!

Meanwhile, since renovations, I have been hanging pictures, putting things back where they belong, because hubby’s don’t know a thing about how to do those kind of things. I have more stuff than I know what to do with! PLUS my mil has kept everything she ever owned and I have to go through all her things with her, and sort through, sift, decide what is worth keeping and not, and look at her throw it away. Things they have had for over 50 years! How do you tell someone this letter or card is garbage now? Or this paper bag is not worth anything? She saved EVERYTHING! Some things are worth keeping. But come on…a hospital bracelet from 1950? For no reason, not even a birth….just because…ewwww, the germs. Where is the Lysol?

Ok, enough depressing stuff, so we went to the thrift store….and my hubby….bless him, thinking we are getting rid of stuff, in his little mind, thinks we need to get a few little items. I said to him, or should I say gave him the “look” you girls know what I’m talking about….that look that means what are you thinking? Are you out of your freaking mind look? Yup…that one. Well, we have a perfectly good desk in our back office. Was it good enough? Nope. He wanted to buy this oak one that is way bigger and better. And costs money. Money I could of spent on something way more useful….like I don’t know, a mouse trap, or batteries, or bellybutton lint remover kit. But NO, he had to have the desk, plus a veggie steamer, plus a fondue pot, plus a key holder to hang our keys on. We did need that, I will give that to him. All the other crap….I promise will be at Goodwill in the next year. You may even be buying it! What was he thinking….was he even thinking? I don’t think he took his brain with him when he left this morning….

just for you veggie....and for suz, you old lady and chris! what a bunch of old farts...get your spectacles on! geez! just kidding, hurt me lil irish eyes too, so won't be using that crappy font again! enjoy veggie!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Jo, I can't read this...sorry, it is too small for my old eyes. :)

jo.irish.rose said...

sorry guys....after i read it, i realized how bad it was....never again shall i torture you poor ladies with french script again. and just to let you know, when i typed it, it was pretty large. i dont know why it is little now. i think it shrinks to fit the page on my layout. i dont know. i will use a diff font though, sorry. all better....lol.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Hi Jo! Now you've typed up something I CAN'T read, I feel its mystery is making me WANT to read it. :) Can't you go back into your entry and highlight everything and make the font bigger? That would work. Because it's all about ME you know.

Tracey Axnick said...

Well, I apparently MISSED the "miserable" font... darn!

But yes, I DO know what that "look" is, Jo... I give it to my husband on a regular basis. He calls it the "lizard-look"... apparently I narrow my eyes, look serious, cold and non-smiling. But basically it means "What the hell are you THINKING? Put that back, we're NOT buying it"... just like you were talking about.

I know exactly what you're talking about with parents who save everything. My mom (bless her heart) used to be a HUGE packrat... when she and my dad sold their big house and downsized she had to get rid of a LOT Of that crap, and boy it was tough. That generation hangs on to EVERYTHING ("You never know when you might NEED IT!")

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love C's threat to you. :)
It seems we are never able to get rid of more than we bring in too...it is a cycle. Good luck getting everything organized again.