c'est la moux pas la choux.


More of Me Babies....

My daughter and grand daughter left this week, and i am feeling very melancholy....i want all my family to be here in one area. It was nice to have them all here for two weeks. Like it is supposed to be. All my chicks under my wings...just like a momma hen is supposed to have her babies. And her grand chickies too. Then I get a call from my daughter and she says she misses me, so i start to cry...all by my self. So I go to my secret drawer in my room, where I hide all my chocolate....lol and eat several pieces, its ok, they are the fun size ones. I feel better, at least till she texts me again and tells me she misses me again. But my son and family live here, and for now, that will have to do. One down, one to go. Enjoy the pics. I have chocolate waiting to be devoured....excuse me, please. LOL!

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Funny in My Mind said...

In a word! Precious!
You are very lucky to be close with your daughter!