c'est la moux pas la choux.



Well, we thought we were getting on with renovations, but when the rain comes every dad gum day, how are we to get foundations poured? How are we to expected peeps to come work in the rain? HOW AM I TO GET MY ROOMS DONE WITH THE RAIN HERE!!!! ok, i didn't mean to yell there, i just thought it being friday, and construction was starting LAST monday, well....it hasn't. because of RAIN!! every single day. today it didn't rain. but still no construction guys came. do they have to wait until the ground is dry now for them to come and start? cuz if they do....chances are, its gonna dad gum rain again for another whole month!! at this rate, it will be christmas before they get here. it was only supposed to take 3 weeks to do this. well one stupid week is gone already. anyway.....i will keep you posted in soggy, wet, drippy NC.

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