c'est la moux pas la choux.


Another Renovation Again...but this will be NICE!!!

looks like tomorrow is the big day
for renovations to start. we are putting on an almost 900 sq ft addition on the back of the house to make room for um, US, i guess. this will be 2 extra LARGE bedrooms, one huge storage room, plus of course, all the closets to go in the rooms. we have no room now. so i guess it is for our things, mostly. they have been in storage now since march. and i guess the sad thing is, i dont really miss them. oh yeah, there are certain specific things i am looking for in the kitchen that mom in law doesn't have, you know, that gadget that you got at a pampered chef party, or your favorite knife, or some
thing like that. and OH, all my pictures, i really miss those. oh yeah, my comfy recliner....i kinda would like to ease into that baby again. and our big screen? haven't seen nor heard from it since march, he dont call or write....oh!!! MY BOOKS!! i wish i had them here too. we did get our bed out, THANK GOD! my back couldnt take any more of the other bed. i am just so afraid things might get taken, broken or worse, moldy. we already had some mice get into some stuff. ewwww, nasty. all in the garbage. apparently, someone packed some food items into some other boxes, and well, need i say more?

anyhoo, i was saying that we needed room for all that junk. but you know what? when it comes down to it, we have lived just fine without it all for all these months, except for personal pictures and family heirlooms, i really am worrying for nothing. it is just stuff. so if it is ruined, by golly, it isnt the end of the world. i have my life, my love, and my so called, somewhat health. my family is safe, and we are all loved. what more can we want? ok,
in like 3-4 weeks i will have my STUFF!!!! yes mamam!!! and if alls well that ends well, the house will hold it all!!! yup....all our stuff, and us. minus what the rats ate.....ewwww.


Granny on the Web said...

Well they do say, if you don't really miss something then you don't really need it. I have been telling that to Hubby recently when we cleared out the bottom garden shed of all its stuffed in items... all laid out on the lawn. Things been in there for years and never needed, suddenly they are necessary to life itself it would seem!!! lol
Love Granny

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the pic with all the wiener dogs in it!!

Hallie :)