c'est la moux pas la choux.


Why is it so hard to say GOOD-BYE?

This is my daughter Jennifer, and her baby, Molly who is 1 now. The came from Italy to help us move from KY to NC.

My two girls left today after
being here for 6 weeks. i really miss them now. the house is quiet, no one to put to bed, no diapers to change, no one to follow around the house, ho hum....on one hand, yes it is quiet and peaceful. but i like the "busyness" of having a family around. call me strange. i like that meals have to be made. food has to be bought, things have to be cleaned. yup....i am a mom and now a gramma. that is what we do. i got so used to having them around. now there is an emptyness. a void. my husband and mother-in-law came home from eating supper out (thats because we didn't have to come right home and get a little person to bed) and when we all came in, it was soooo quiet.

so now we have to find our niche. we moved here when she and the baby were here. now we have to "find our own way" sort of. i have to find my groove. so, for now my bloggy buds, i am off to bed, i am worn from emotional energy spent today. if you have any suggestions for me, i am all mouth, ears, eyes and noses!! lol g'night......zzzzzzzz


Granny on the Web said...

I echo your feelings, the silence is so sudden. I love it when mine come over and visit, and the house fills with their joyful chit-chat.
Sounds like you had a great visit.

Love Granny

jo.irish.rose said...

toone, she did make it home, i assume. i have not heard yet. i am sad, but we keep busy here. i miss them, but i have enough here to keep me busy. i will call you later, k? jo