c'est la moux pas la choux.


Gardening, it's good for the soul, BAD for the sunburn!

today i planted my garden. all my 10 herbies, and my tomatoes, 3 kinds, cukies, squashes, jalapenos, and watermelons. got them all nice and comfy in the ground, fertilized and watered. labeled. put all my junk away. so proud that it is finally done. done. and done. i walked in the house. the daughter and husband had been grocery shopping and started cooking lunch. they looked at me and looked at each other, and asked me if i had felt OK. i said i was hot, thirsty, and i hurt my back, but other than that i was fine. i just wanted to sit and revel in my accomplishment of the day. as i walked past the mirror, i saw what they were talking about. my face was soooo red, it looked almost purple.i was totally flabergasted. 1st because i had been going to the tanning beds for the last 2 weeks with the daughter so she could be tan for a trip she is going on. 2nd because i was only out there for maybe 90 minutes. then of course, i get the lecture. did you not put sunblock on? i walked through the house, on into bathroom and took my nice long soak. i was in a good mood, and dadgummit, i was determined i was not letting the husband or daughter ruin my good accomplishment today!! but boy did i ever look bad when i saw myself in the mirror. egads.......i could slap myself if it wouldn't hurt so bad. why didn't i put the stupid sunscreen on before i went out? i use it before the tanning beds and everytime i go out for any length of time. well....this is my bits of advice: after my nice soak, and re-hydrating, re-freshing, and re-moisturizing myself, i went in and ate of the bounty the daughter and husband had to offer. and NEVER, EVER go out without your sunblock on. you will grow old and wrinkly. well, everyone grows old, but you dont have to be wrinkly. your skin can be nice and supple and young looking if you take care of it. so that is my two cents worth for today. Jo

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Granny on the Web said...

Pat on the back for the day's labour, but six detention points for not putting your sun block on!
Hope your skin recovers.
Love Granny