c'est la moux pas la choux.


Winter Wonderment

Thanks to a wonderful blogger (thank you Ruth!) I have found this, a mid-season "pick-me-up" for all you peeps out there in the middle of winter blahs! Take these pics and renew in yourself those feelings that gave you those awe inspiring murmurings you had before Christmas, when you anticipated winter. Yes...I know, this is not working like you planned. The holiday is over, the bills are coming due, but listen, make yourself a cup of hot tea, or cocoa, sit down and relax and just focus on this. Give me just a minute to paint you a little picture. K? Because I know we might have at least another couple of months of cold weather, right? So we may as well do it together, have fun, and do it relaxed.

The snowflakes gently falling outside while you are warm inside curled up on the couch, either watching a good movie with friends, loved ones, or just reading a book alone. Meanwhile, on the stove, is simmering a pot of home made soup. A fresh loaf of bread just baked, to go with the soup sitting on the counter, waiting to be cut into. Back in the family room, a cozy fire blazes to keep you feet warm, as you look over and see the the doggy and kitty all curled up together beside the hearth. The TV says the snow will keep everyone in a couple of days, but you have plenty of food in the cupboards, lots of wood, and everyone home to keep you company.

But...all is well, everyone is safe, warm and happy. Someone shouts that company is arriving. You welcome them in, they are laden down with foodstuffs to munch on for the day. You break out some games, gather around the table, shouting, laughing, eating, remembering. Ahhh, could this be any better? After a nice long day of playing hard with good friends and family, everything is put back in order. You have a sense of accomplishment, almost like a full belly, and that too! You look outside to see the snow is still falling, but not so hard. It is beautiful. Everything is so clean and crisp. You finally make it to your bed. You feel sleep taking you into another dimension of this wonderful day. Dream sweet person, you deserve your slumber! Jo


C said...

toone, did you write dis? it's B-U-TEE-FUL. i am glad you are getting into blogging, its fun, n'est pas? eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mo.

C said...

PS i like your nes clock!

Jennifer said...

i want to play games and eat warm cozy food. molly and i are baking cookies tomorrow!

jo.irish.rose said...

ok, choux, come over and we will play games and i will make you warm comfy food. while you eat it, i will eat molly moo. i love the cows jim sent you, "mini moo" i am gonna post it here. k? it is too cute. kisses. i love you all, should get your box soon. mom