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A Brand New Adventure Begins!

Wow! It's been almost been a whole year since I last posted!! Am I lazy or what??  Not really, I have been a bit busy.  I don't even know where to begin.  Last you heard, I had some out patient surgery, right?  Well, since that time, I had to have two more, the most recent one being just three weeks ago today.  One on the left elbow for some tendonitis and nerve damage repair, then on the left wrist most recently.  And that is my dominant hand, DANG IT!!!  That one was for another nerve problem and carpal tunnel release.  I have had such pain in my arm for many years, I could not function even daily chores.  Typing even was a pain.  Right now, I have to type slowly since it hurts still to use it.  I take breaks.  I will take me most of the night to post this.  LOL  

Our biggest news is we opened our own Texas BBQ joint!!! Yup, we took the plunge and jumped in.  We have never done anything like this EVER, but we were tired of working for other people.  Well, my husband and son were.  I'm just the accessory.  Ha ha!!  We had our opening day today, Monday.  The Grand Opening with ribbon cutting and all that jazz will be on June 6th!!  We ran out of brisket the first 2 hours after we were open!!! It was something we just could not of known would happen!!  We had smoked 4, tons of ribs, crap loads of chicken, sausages, and then hotdogs.  But everybody came for the brisket!!! So you can bet we tripled or quadrupled that amount for tomorrow.  We make everything home made every day.  Potato salad and cole slaw, baked beans, and my mom's parm and bow ties, (mac & cheese) it's not the orange kind, it has a different flavor, and everyone who eats it, loves it!!!  Traditionally, it is served with sweet pickles, jalapenos, and onions.  We will have those if asked.  Tuesday, still trying like a mudder to upload pictures that are dastardly hiding from me on my computer.  That and I can't type very much due to the pain in the wrist from surgery 3 weeks ago.  I will post this now and deal with these dang pictures later.  They are not going to beat me at their little deception game of hide and seek!!!  We had another good day of sales today, STILL ran out of brisket after lunch!!! We more than doubled our product, but the amount of people that came was astounding!!! Out the doors!!!  It was overwhelming!!  So, again....we are having to double everything again!  lol  What a good problem to have.  At this rate, we will have to buy more smokers.  And one of them was down for two days, so we called the company, and bless their little smoky hearts, over nighted the thermostat!!! ALL FIXED!!! Back in BIZZNESS!!!  YEAH!!!  Hopefully, we will get this all figured out before the holiday weekend.  We live 5 minutes from a major Marine Corps base, and if you know how our troops like to be fed, they will be coming in hordes this weekend.  They aren't allowed to leave their vehicles in uniform, so when they are off duty I am sure they will make themselves know!!  

Anyway, I will get more updates too. If you are in the business and have suggestions, please feel free to give advice!! Love to hear from you!!



ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my holy hell!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

This is such exciting news. I'm glad it's going so well already! I'm really happy for you guys.


Funny in My Mind said...

First of all WELCOME BACK!!!!
Second, I am so sorry about your hand, hope it gets back to 100% soon!
Third, I am so excited that your new restaurant took off so well! Being in the business, I know firsthand how it can suck the life out of you and thrill you at the same time. We have had our best year yet and hope it stays that way. My tummy is growling hearing about all the good homemade yumminess. All of our food is homemade as well. I will trade you biscuits and gravy for brisket??