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Zipping Away For Our 30th Anniversary!

We decided to try something really exciting for our 30th anniversary so we went ZIP LINING!!!  Me, who is afraid of heights, doesn't ride any of the rides at the fair, or go on the roller coaster......yup....I was going to try this.  You only have one 30th annversary, right?  What is the worse that could happen?  You already lived through 30 years of marriage!  tee hee

                                                       Getting geared up for the zip!!

                   Sailing through the trees with the simplest of ease!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

My honey and I on one of 4 suspended swinging bridges.  Yeah, I'm hanging on for dear life!

                                               Me again on another suspension bridge. 

                                                              Jim, the swinger.....

Moi, on the last zip line of the day.....there were 8 total, and we wanted to go back and do them again!!  The guides had enough for the day, BUMMER!!!!!

                                                  Us overlooking the waterfalls. 

                                              Our Whole Group, plus Guides

Our whole weekend was wonderful!  We definately will do this again.  If you get a chance to do this some time, we highly recommend it. 


Funny in My Mind said...

Looks like good fun. For someone other than me. Heights and ropes and swinging bridges aren't for me and my hubby would have an anniversary and then a funeral for me.
Glad you guys got to do something adventurous like that for the big 30!
Here's to 30 more!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my holy hell!! Are you nuts?!?!

I could NEVER do it. Never. But, I'm so glad you had such a great time, and such a wonderful anniversary celebration. Happy Anniversary!!! Wow, 30 years. That's incredible.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yep, if you survived 30 years of marital bliss....what is the worst that could happen??? :)
THis is fun. And I know fun. LOL. I am terrified of heights but I did this in Costa Rica a few years ago. The peer pressure from my friends helped!
Happy anniversary to you both.

Maria said...

That looked absolutely terrifying.