c'est la moux pas la choux.



Has it really been MONTHS since I have written?  Wowsers, shame on me.  Where have I been?  Ell if I know the answer….


Well, I have plenty of pictures to bore stimulate your senses since I have been gone.  The kiddies have grown into young adults just about!!  lol  I know you are dying to see my doggies…..ha!!  And of course there are the renovations to the house that are finished….so sit tight, grab a bowl of popcorn and drink, cuz Nonna’s got pictures to show!!!



my little MOLLY MOO,  4 years old


my darling DELILAH BOO, 9 months old


The tearful reunion of daddy’s homecoming from

his 6-month deployment to Afghanistan.



My lovely daughter Jen, and Molly.


Momma and Dee.


Matt and bouncey Delilah at

Disney World.


Lil Dee chomping on waffles! I could

eat those arm rolls though with some

syrup, or just plain!!!  Yummy!


Going down into our new room.


The room on the right used to be

the main bathroom, now is our

walk-in closet.  Our floor is cork.


The bedroom, still needing a few

personal touches, nic nacs, throw

rugs, etc.



View from bedroom toward living room.


Looking towards the bathroom, it’s on

the left, past the chest of drawers.


Aha, finally, in the bathroom! This used to be a

walk-in closet, small 1/2 bath, and bedroom!


Another view, same bathroom.


Final view, for the shower…this is a steam and

aromatherapy, with chromatherapy.  Has a radio,

all the lights, bells and whistles, two seats, looks

kind of like a space pod.  We love it.


My four babies, taken in October when my daughter

came for a month with the girls.


On the waterfront in New Bern.  New Bern is the

city of Bears.


My last night in Omaha with my sisters and their



My Samuel, at his sister’s birthday.


The birthday girl, Jordan, on the left.


Party central!!!

Well, my bloggy peeps…there ya go.  Have ya had enough?  I think I’ve tortured given you far too much to digest but it has been so long, I wanted to make up for lost time.  ha ha! 


Well other things that happened, I went to see my sister for two lovely weeks as you saw in the picture up above.  It was fun.  We spent a lot of time decorating her new place.  I was lucky really? to have had 2 wonderful blizzards while there.  Well we don’t get snow in North Carolina very often, so I have to beg, borrow and steal it when I can. 


Those of you who suffer from migraines know the pain that we go through.  I have been having quite a few of them.  Also, I am blessed cursed to have carpal tunnel in both wrists.  So, plans to see the orthopedic surgeon in the next couple weeks are weighing heavy on me lil mind.  I’ve known that surgery was needed for a couple of years but whined and kicked tried hard to put it off since I had elbow and shoulder surgery in the past two years.  I guess we’ll see.


So…I guess that’s all folks!  TTFN!  Hope it’s not another 6 months before I blog again!! GEEZ  LOOOEEZ!!


ChiTown Girl said...

Holy moly, you're back!!!!

A million thank yous for the pictures of the babies. Especially Little Miss Delilah, who we haven't seen since she was born.

Hope you get some relief from those God awful migraines. The carpal tunnel isn't much fun, either :(

I hope you post again before the grandbabies go off to college!!

C said...

so cute, all of dis... its about freeking time you posted... dont make me come over there...

why, i oughta........

POW right in the kisser...


Funny in My Mind said...

Those babies are precious!!
Sooo glad their daddy came safe and in one piece.
our remodeling is amazing, I especially love the bathroom. Those sinks are gorgeous! And that shower!!!!!
Glad to see you back!
Sorry to hear about the awful pains you have been going through. Also glad to hear about the good times you have had!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Such lovely photos of happy smiling people....and yes, those grandbabies are just delicious!!!!!!
So glad you are back, you've been missed.
Oh, and big HELLO and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the military hero coming home!!!!!
Sorry your wrists are bad Jo...get it taken care of and you'll be like the bionic woman soon!