c'est la moux pas la choux.


My Littlest Angel

In all this gloomy news and debbie downer drearyness, I thought I would update some photos of my newest baby Delilah.  Here, eat till your lil tummy’s are full!!!



a few days after i left


last week, after she gained all her weight plus another pound! piggy!


taken this morning with sister molly, so happy!


On another serious note, we have been battling wild fires here in our area.  They are totally out of control at the moment.  Our precious national forests are being eaten up because of lack of rain.  They were started from a lightning strike.  We have such hazy fog from the burns that we can’t see across the road.  We have people with breathing problems, my hubby is one of them, who are suffering so badly with their health because of the smoke.  We don’t know how long it will go on.  They have called it a state of emergency.  Please keep this situation in your prayers.  I know that with the heat index and humidity it is pretty bad.  Add in the smoke and those with breathing problems have it so much worse.  I have allergies but nothing like my husband.  There are many who have it so much worse and on oxygen.  Anyway, please keep this in your prayers and thoughts.  We appreciate it. 


We have been doing a lot better this week as we are dealing with the reality of how people handle the death of your beloved.  In other words….they just don’t give a crap!!  It is just another day to them.  Life goes on.  When dealing with insurance or lawyers or anything of that matter…you can just bend over and let them give it to you good.  The only people we have found to have any compassion or mercy were the Hospice people and the funeral home people.  They deal with death all the time and know how to cope with it.  All the others are uncaring and heartless.  They just want their money and want it yesterday.  Sorry, just giving a few words of warning and advice to those of you in case you should need it in the near future.  But it may not all be like that, it may just be this one place, and your lawyers and insurance peeps may be fine.  And if your in the business?  So sorry, don’t mean to drag your profession in the tubes.  One bad apple shouldn’t have to spoil the whole bunch.  They do get a bad rap all around after all.  We just have had a terrible week, and on top of it all bad service.  So, just venting.  And you don’t want me to get started on government people, that is a WHOLE other blog…..stupid social security people and government people…..don’t get me started down that path!!!!  k, I am leaving that alone. 


Well, peeps. I will go check my blood pressure now….cuz I think on that last note, it started to creep back up!!  lmao   Take care, God bless, and remember, go get your physicals and check ups.  Never know when something creepy is lurking around.  K?  xxxxxxx ooooooooo


ChiTown Girl said...

OMG! I just want to eat up the baby with a spoon!!! I think she's going to look a lot like her big sister. So gorgeous!

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, and sorry for all the BS you've been having to deal with ON TOP of the raging fires. Your poor hubby can't seem to catch a break, huh?

Busy Bee Suz said...

The baby(s) are just as sweet as buttons!!!!!
So sorry there is so much drama/trouble and fires for you!!!!!
I'll try to send up some rain, we've been getting it each afternoon.
Lawyers, government (idiots) and the like....they can kiss my patootie.

jo.irish.rose said...

we had a few great big storms last night and i haven't had time to check the news to see if they got any relief from them. i don't smell smoke and don't see haze. so hopefully it helped a bit. and i already know these babies are edible. that they are the cutest. that is why i share them. i'm not proud, am i? lol i will post more as i get them. thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers. you all have been so kind and wonderful these last days. xoxoxoxoxox