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What’s Going On Around Here….?

Well, let me tell, ya!!  Sit down, take the load off, would ya?  It’s been a while.  First, what’s up with blogger?  Have they gone mad??  I can’t find anything around here….I lost my fave pair of of light blue undies, if anyone see’s them, mail them to this blogspot, k? 


Alrighty then….and what’s up with them throwing James off of Idol last night???? My jaw just about hit the floor when they announces Haley was safe!!!  I mean, c’mon…..that growling, arm swinging lil attitude wearin’ mug??? Over James???  Where are all the people???  This has got to be rigged.  All I can say is he is better off.  If he was to stay on Idol, he would be locked into a contract and would have to do whatever the heck they say.  Now he is free to do and work for whoever he wants.  More power to him!!! 


My daughter called and told me yesterday that she met with her specialist.  She is seeing a neonatologist for her baby because they heard an arrhythmia.  He didn’t hear it yesterday, BUT she isn’t growing as fast as he would like.  He said that it could be many different things causing it, environment….etc.  so they may end up delivering her early!!!  She is due on June 13th.  My flight was to be the 7th, but I changed it to the 29th of May.  I wouldn’t want to miss my lil Delilah loo’s entrance!!!  She meets with the Dr. again on the 2nd of June and they will decide then if they will induce or not depending on how much she has grown at that time.  I will keep you updated. 


Also yesterday, I had my hearing for disability.  It was such a nerve-wracking day.  It flew by so fast, It was all a blur.  Everything went fine.  I said everything that I was supposed to say, as did my husband.  It all went according to plan.  The judge does not make a decision the same day.  So….again we wait.  He will mail his verdict in 2-3 weeks.  I don’t think I can take all this waiting!!!  I am not a patient person!!!  Again, I will keep everyone abreast!!  I have two, ya know? 


So, please…..feel free to let me know what is happening in your lil part of the universe, if you dare.  Who knows, blogger might just eat it up, and we will never know???


ChiTown Girl said...

Blogger has been pissing me off BIG TIME! I couldn't even do my NaBloPoMo posts the past two days!! Argh!

I'm sorry your daughter is having to deal with so much "stuff." The upside is you'll be meeting Little Miss Delilah VERY soon! :)

I'll be keeping my finger crossed for your hearing results.

Lastly, PLEASE change your blog design back to show more than one post at a time. I'm far to lazy to keep clicking on "older post" to catch up on things!!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, that baby....praying for all good stuff for her and Mama.
I hope you get some good news on your case Jo...you deserve it. I hope your weekend was full of good/distracting stuff.