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Fool Me Once…Yup You Did!

So how many of you got snaggled? How many got taken? How many of you really fell for your friends pranks and antics today? (Me is raising me hand very high and hard!)


Yup I did!  My middle sister who is not the funny one or the jokester in the family, except for this one day a year…texted me.  She lives in Nebraska. I am in North Carolina.  She says, “Go look out your front door.”  So I text her back as I walk to the door and open it, all the while thinking, WTH?? (I don’t say the F word, folks. That’s my sister, C!)  Anyhoo, another text….”did you do it?”  I said yup.  She said, “There should be someone pulling in shortly!”  Well our cleaning people just got there I told her.  She said NO! not them! Then my MIL came in and said what’s going on? I told her, and she said is she playing a joke on you?  Then I realized it….DUH!!! (I should of slapped myself, but didn’t!)  So…I texted her, APRIL FOOLS!!  At the same time, she sent me APRIL FRIGGEN FOOLS DAY!!   So, it was like a tie….I think. 


Anyway, some of the pranks she pulled at work:  she put a sign on the ladies restroom door:     PLEASE USE OTHER DOOR! 

Then she put a post it note under everyone’s mouse, and wrote April Fool!!

As if that was not enough, she took a brown paper bag and stuck it in the fridge with the words written on it: Squirrel

This is my sister that usually has no sense of humor and gets me and C pretty upset sometimes.  But today…well she got us good.  OH!  She called C’s house and said put the coffee on, I’m on my way.  And.never.showed.up!  LOL

Let me know what happened to you today or what you heard went on.  I love a good laugh, usually at someone else’s expense!  I’m taking notes, so next year I can get my sister back!!  So please leave me lot’s of comments! 






Busy Bee Suz said...

No one got me and I got no one. I really did not even think about the date!!!! So funny about your sister though...she loves this day huh?

jo.irish.rose said...

yeah let me know how that turns out! i doubt she will fall for it. she isn't as gullable as you look, ya know. lol and why arent you calling me or answering me texts?

Maria said...

My sister, Celia texted me that there was a six foot long "huge" snake in her back yard and asked me what to do.

I was so upset that I CALLED her and the first thing I said when she answered the phone was, "DO NOT go near it...call Dan (her husband)!"

She laughed and said, "April Fools!"