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Update On My Family

Chris is a bit weak today.  That is due to low red blood hemoglobin.  She is receiving blood today and should go home tonight.  She is in shock that she has had a heart attack.  As we are.  My brother has too, Several years ago, only he was only 48.  And he quadruple bypass surgery.  Thankfully, my sister didn’t need that. 


this was taken just before dennis’ bypass surgery.


My dad in law is about the same.  He looked a bit better today.  I guess all the extra fluids made him look better, I hope he is feeling better where he can go back to his “home” at the nursing facility.  He does better when he is a routine.   Anyway, I appreciate all your prayers and support for our family.  On another note….I found out this morning my other sister’s son is also having some medical issues.  When it rain’s it pours!!  He went to the ER this morning.  He will be having an endoscopy and colonoscopy this week.  He is only 22.  Very young to have all that happening.  Bless him.  Thanks again for all your bloggy love!!


ChiTown Girl said...

Thanks for the update, Cookie. I will add your nephew to my prayers.

DCHY said...

Hang in there. Hope all works out for everyone involved.