c'est la moux pas la choux.


Working out can Kill!!

Just so you know, they should put labels on this stuff cuz it is soooooo dad gum dangerous!  A gal could break a nail or even a sweat using it!



The things we have to do to stay beautiful…..my mommy just doesn’t understand!



Ok, careful…..mustn’t get off the rhythm of the music…..wheeee!
Ladies, always remember to rehydrate…..very important when working out or doing yoga.
And another thing, make sure to reward yourself for taking time to work out!! 

Here are a few more shots of Lil Molly.  They went geocaching today.  Let me know if any of you have ever went or ever heard of this for that matter.  It works with a GPS.  You get coordinates online and you go to those places then you find something in a container.  I am still fuzzy on the details. Anyway, it is like a treasure hunt with other participants.  I have never played.  They started doing this when they were in Italy.



There it is daddy, I found it! It’s good I worked out earlier so I could do all this hiking!


jo.irish.rose said...

whatta cute post, toone... erm, cough cough... i had to go in and fix yo pic's again. they extended too fur.. lol..

i want a copy of dat beautiful picture you sent da choux of our mudder, n gramma... can you do it? you shoulda put choux and da moo in it for da five generations...

Funny in My Mind said...

She is soooo cute, could you just eat her up!? I bet she is excited to be a big sister!

Rebecca Jo said...

Is that a yoga mat for kids????? Its so tiny!!!

I love the "hydrating" picture with the water bottle... so funny!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I know what geocaching is!!!
She is just a doll....oh my gosh, so cute. It is good to start these healthy habits early, right???

ChiTown Girl said...

That Little Miss Molly is just so freakin' adorable!!!!

And, yes, I've heard of geocaching. Do I get a prize? ;-)