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For My Momma

Ok, so I didn’t post on the actual day of my mom’s anniversary of her death….but I’m here now…I have found all my pictures…which is the reason I was late in the first place.  Please don’t shoot me yet.  I haven’t posted.  K?  Alrighty then, I wrote on my sister’s blog, C, about my earliest memory of my mom.  Well, for those of you who read her blog, this will be a rerun.  Sorry.  But I have a picture for you if you hang out long enough.  lol  I know, I’m such a tease.  When I was 2.5 yrs old, my daddy was carrying me down the stairs, we had hardwood floors, and he slipped.  He landed on me, breaking and dislocating my hip.  He yelled for my momma.  She came running, and they were both crying.  I couldn’t move.  I didn’t cry.  I just know my daddy picked me up so gently and carried me out to the car.  I don’t remember the car ride.  I do remember the hospital though.  I had to be there a long time with my legs in traction.  I remember a strong smell.  My momma stayed with me all the time or my daddy some of the time.  But they had the twins which were just 4 at home and Chris who was 9.  So they had their hands full.  When I did go home, I was entertained all the time.  Imagine being 2 1/2 and being in a body cast for 3~4 months, flat on your back.  I couldn’t stand.  I had to fed.  I had to be washed and changed.  Here I am on my lil couch surrounded by my court of entertainers.  Chris is in the back with her friend.  I guess she needed someone to play with besides me.  My mommy always was at my side no matter what I needed.  The twins played with me too.  I guess when you have something traumatic happen to you, it sticks in your memory or you flush it out.  For me, it was a memorable thing because it was bad, but also comforting in every way. 



my momma when she was in her 20’s with a beau, she is in the white dress in front.


she loved talking and socializing.


at my house in CA right after she came to live with us, she started feeling better.


she loved having her picture taken…she was a beautiful lady!


she lived with us in NE also for a couple of years also until we moved to CA, but didn’t want to move when we got orders there.


i believe she is 17~18 here.


this is Christmas morning. a month before she died. that is my daughter helping her open her present. she is the one having her second baby!  molly’s momma!!  you can see she is already sick, she has pneumonia here. in two weeks, she will go in the hospital and never come home. 


here she is 8, making her 1st Communion.  how cute, on the roof!!


she had many friends that ended up marrying her brothers.  this one married her brother gerald.


this was the love of her life, he is the same man she is with up above in the formal picture.  if she hadn’t met my daddy, she probably would of married him, except he liked “his drink” and she didn’t!


this is her 2nd grade school pic, she is 6 1/5


this is probably one of my fave of her, she looks so pretty! but i have to say, for the 40’s, it is a bit short, don’t you think? 


Well, maman, I miss you.  I know we will see each other some day again.  I believe that. 

And for you all me bloggy buds, I hope you were all pleased with the tribute to my lovely mom.  She was a beautiful person, who may have made some bad choices in her life.  But haven’t we all?  She regretted many things before she died.  We spoke a lot and she knows she could of done many things differently.  But you can’t change the past.  We must move forward.  I love her dearly, I miss her.  I still remember cute things she did and said and I smile.  I share with my kids and grandkids.  Only the good things.  Well, time to prepare dinner for the old people.  Oh, yeah that would be me!  ha ha  Have a great weekend peeps! 


Funny in My Mind said...

What a great tribute to your mom!
I absolutely love all the photos! She was so pretty and you are very lucky to have all the photographs. I wish I had as many of my mother.

ChiTown Girl said...

I can't believe how much C looks like her! What a wonderful tribute to your momma.

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is a lovely tribute.
She does look a lot like C in most photos.....
take care Jo!