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Me and My Sister at the Beach and Stuff

It has been soooo much fun since she has been here.  I have not had time to post.  Well, I had some headaches too.  But also we have been running around and doing stuff just about everyday!  FUN! 












So here we have some pics of the kiddies and us.  Chris is posting too.  So I was going to post more and she said she was going to post some pictures.  I didn’t want to steal her post, so I will see what she is going to post, then I will post some more.  She has some cute pictures of the beach and what we saw.  We will be going to do some more this week.  I kind of pooped out on her a bit with my headaches, but tried to keep on going.  I have a neurology appointment in the morning with a new dr.  It is supposed to be one of the top ones around here.  He is associated with the university of North Carolina.  So, maybe we will find an answer to my problem.  It is a couple hours away.  So a baby road trip tomorrow is planned. 




Well, so far it has been a wonderful week.  We went to a Seafood Festival.  After a week full of wind and rain, we had one day of fair weather and we spent it at the festival and the beach. 






These pics were from the festival.  The ones before are from our house when we had the kids over.  They are my grand babies, Jordy and Sammy with me. 


Then there is one of me and my sister in a couple different shots.  One in a restaurant and one on a ferry we took over to one of the little places near here.   We will keep posting.   Off to bed!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Great photos...glad you are both having FUN.
Best of luck with your headaches, I hope Dr. FeelGood helps you out.

Maria said...

Looks very relaxing.....