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Good Bloggy Buds and a Lil Something Extra

Cheech and my sister C bestowed on me, thank you, this wonderful award.




With this, I have to tell 7 things about myself (x 2 since they both sneakily gave it to me! lol)  and then link back to them.   Then I must find 6 peeps to give it to also:


IN MY MIND ITS ALWAYS FUNNY-Funny (don’t know your real name, lol)







And there you go, you all have such great blogs, I would of given them out to many more, but I think a lot of the others already had hit you up!  So….here are my many things that you might not know about me:


1.  I am very short.  Like barely 5” tall.  Used to be 5.25” but somewhere lost the .25”.  Must be where all the extra socks go in the laundry.


2.  French was my first language.  Our mom was Canadian, and she taught us French, then we learned English as our second language when we went to school.  We still talk it now when we want to piss off our spouses, it makes them think we are talking about them.  lol


3.  I can read a whole book in one day.  I will stay up all night to finish it.  And have most recently.  I have a passion for reading.  It’s one of my vices.  Almost to the point of neglecting everything else in life.  lol


4.  I am like my sister about animals.  I can’t stand to see them hurt or mistreated.  It is one of those things to me that they are defenseless and cannot fend for themselves, so we must do it for them.


5.  I love food.  I love to cook it, I watch it on TV, at the market, read about it, I even subscribe to Food Network Magazine.  I’m a food junkie.  My name is Jo.


6.  I am also obsessed with learning where our people come from.  I have been doing genealogy for over 20 years now on both sides of our family.  Still working hard at it.  Don’t have all the answers yet!


7.  I have a “thing” for body oils, creams, perfumes and that kind of stuff.  I love it!  I just adore smelling good!  I can’t go in a store without stopping and smelling.  It makes me sooooo happy!


8.  I like pretty night gowns too.  The ones that don’t get all tangly with your feet.  they have to be soft and comfy though.  Not restricting in any way, but nice, feeling good, freeing, and soooo dreamy.


9.   I am a very patient person.  I can out wait, out pout, out maneuver, out stand anything I put my mind to.


10.  My dream, one day, is to go to Ireland.  I would love to just go and roam around, preferably once I knew where our ancestors were from, and go there.


11.  My husband and I will be married for 30 years this year, and I will be turning the big 5-0!   AGHHHH!  I am soooo old!


12.  Chocolate…..the very best, don’t settle for anything but the best, nuff said!


13.  I am owned by one little mini dachshund, Morgan.  I am her hooman.  When she barks, I jump.  Literally, she has this deep bark, you would think she was a great dane if you didn’t see her.  She lights up my life. 


14.  I have 3 grand babies right now.  Hopefully, with more to come.  They are my pride and joy.  As life is so short, enjoy each day as it is your last, and embrace your family all around you. 













Busy Bee Suz said...

This is a great list Jo!!!!
So, if you clean out the lint trap, or behind the dryer, you might find the missing socks and your missing height?
More pictures of the puppy please...I have never seen a mini dashy.
I actually look forward to grandbabies too...I will do it all right then...I have learned so much.


ps. You gotta get rid of the word verification...it pains me.

ChiTown Girl said...

LOVED your list!!!

Funny in My Mind said...

I got the award twice already but thanks a million times!
French is so cool, cannot speak it at all!
I adore reading as well and have missed my share of sleep also.
Looooove animals, dogs especially but not cats so much.
I love to smell good also.

Rebecca Jo said...

Thanks for the shout out!!! So appreciate it!!!

I think its so amazing when people know more then one language... other languages are so beautiful to me. For me, my only other language is my "Southern Drawl" - haha!

Love getting to know more about you! Love you can dive through a book in a day... if I get through one a week, I'm proud of myself! :)

C said...

whynnnnnnn its about time you post! yeah i perty much knew all deeze tings since we are related.. lol... good list too. isnt this fun to blog? i lubbs it....