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29th Anniversary Celebration Day

us on the dock after dinner at the channel marker.
our wonderful dinner....don't drool, enough for everyone!
me and my baby...together for 29 years....i love you honey!
the view from our window, GORGEOUS!!
going to the restaurant, on the causeway, it started to rain, my favorite kind of day! thank you Lord! I love it! the restaurant is the Channel Marker, you can see it actually, in the distance, the ball tower in the air is where we are going.
My lil Sammy boy swinging away, what a sweet face I could eat up which I did....
Jim using his "bubble gun" with the kids...they are trying to catch all the boooobles!
"Get the booooobles, pop them!" They are toooo adorable, I love my babies!

Today was a day of celebration with my favorite peeps! I spent it with my grandbabies all day long, then the evening with my honey of 29 years. It was the perfect day. The only thing to make it any better would be to have the other kids here and my sisters and brother. Here are a few bragging pics to show off my day.....lol.

It started with the kids coming over at 8am. Their mom got a job and she had training today and tomorrow. So I will have them tomorrow too. I first thought it would be stressful. But there are people that would die to have there grandbabies with them even for an hour here and there. So, when they lived in Tennessee, I was that Nonna. My other grand daughter lived in Italy for her first 2 years also, yes, I am blessed to have these two with me. And my husband is retired too, so he is home all day and helps with them and enjoys taking them or one of them if they get too energetic. We spent the day outside in the pool, playing with toys, blowing bubbles, inside, doing puzzles, reading, playing doctor, going for a walk with her baby, Jim took Sammy to see his great grampa in the nursing home, it was just a relaxing day! He brought home Mcdonald's for lunch and we just had a nice, fun day together.

Tonight, after going to see dad at the home, we went to a really nice seafood place at the beach called the Channel Marker. We had never been there. So we gave it a shot. We got a table with a water view. It was so romantic. They took our picture for us and were so nice when they found out it was our anniversary. They gave us free cake!! yummy! That's always a plus. I got filet mignon and lobster, french onion soup, and Jim got a Captain's Platter, which is a seafood combo of oysters, shrimp, fish and scallops. He also got clam chowder. They served us bread, of course, and crackers with the best cheese... and I got a margarita, Jim a beer, to top it all off. It was all sooooo good. We took a big doggie bag home. We oinked out! Way too much food. AND he had to eat some of mine. I came home soooo stuffed. That isn't even counting the side orders. The garlic mashed potatoes are to die for! Jim got the double stuffed baked, he didn't like it at all, he said it tasted old. LOL!

Tomorrow we will go to the park, and some shopping at the base. More swimming to be done...and we might get some rain, so a movie might be in order, don't know yet. But whatever it is, you can bet, it will be fun. Maybe even take in a Walmart run! WooHoo!

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C said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww whatta dreamy day! i woulda if i coulda liked to have eaten dindin wichya. but glad you both hd a good time.

fried oysters? ohhhhhhhhhhh my faves.... wll and crabby legs...

eyyyy mo... now iw ant to eat dere.

the pics are so cute of everyone..

hey for da lass 2 jours my right hand middle finger is throbbing.. i think its arthritic. i am falling apart toone. it 'urts. its stiff and swollen in da joints.

eyyyyyyyyyyy mo....

moi maudit...

my word verif. is "ITCHIKE" LMAO as in "is she really gonna itchike neked?