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Family.....What Life Is All About

me and my brother at the casino last year
diane, dennis and emily last year, we all were together for dennis and denise's 50th birthday
christine at her cutest, i love this picture, she is soooo peaceful!! dont delete it either, toone!!
at the party, me, pauline: denise's mil, denise the birthday girl.
me, and me brother dennis, the birthday boy...they are the twinners!
nicholas, chistines oldest boy.
me and emily, christines daughter.
alex, christines son, and my bro dennis. looks kinda sleepy here or drunk, i vote for drunk....
ok....here is lily, henry, charlie (in back) denises kids, and christopher, christines son in the blue.
denise and her daughter lily, i call her lulu, she hates that!!
my lovely sister thought it would be so funny to put salt in my beer, i actually like it, but i drink some down first for this exact reason, and then not to waste a good beer, i had to "suck it up" and they lovingly got a nice picture. see? i love my family.
my favorite niece, bella....she kinda looks like her mother, dont you think? (christine and dianes)
dinner at denises house: christine (in yellow) charlie, alex, lily, me and dennis. the rest you really cant see, so who cares, right? right....
denise, i call her niece, and her hubby alan....on her birthday bash, it was a 70's theme night...awwwwww how cute!
diane and chris, were they ever cute that night....they must have been smoking something, get a load of those colors.....ha ha it was a blast!
me sissy, chris, and me bro, denden, in denise's house, don't know where she was....hello? anyone home?
OOOOH! there she is, nice of you to show up!
Who's this cute lil devil? What an evil lil smile....he looks guilty of something....check your bags everyone....
This was the night of Emily's birthday last year....we went to a Japanese restaurant...twas fun.
Another Di moment....say cheese....
This is all of us, we have a picture of the 4 of us when we were little, so we took a couple different poses like this, to commemorate the occasion.
The twins on their birthday...doesn't he look so happy? Get a life...
And here we are again, remembering that moment 48 years before.....lol.

At the Japanese restaurant, we are awaiting our delectable dishes. Ohhh the memories, I can smell and taste them now.....oh yeah, and the food wasn't bad either! lol
Me and me sister staying up late, talking and blogging...chatting and remembering....gossiping, slapping diane, eating, looking at old pictures, laughing till she pees, (which by the way, doesn't take much, shhh, don't tell her) and just plain old having fun!
More telling stories, only this time, they don't really match mine and Chris' cuz Denise is remembering them! lol She likes to embellish just a bit!
Dennis and his wife Lydia, I call her LuLu too, she lets me. Its her birthday, we were there visiting.
Me and my DenDen, in Austin, TX. Christmas 2008.
LuLu, Dennis and Denise right before he had his heart surgery.
Christine and Dennis in Austin, TX.
The twins, Dennis and Denise, in TX.

This is all of us in New Britain, CT. Chris is standing in the back, Denise is sitting by my mother who is dressed in orange (can't really see her) Dennis and I are right in front. The others are cousins and aunts and uncles from Quebec. 1966
This is my daddy and Denise on the far side, I am closest to the camera in pink. Taken in Malone, NY where we grew up, around 1967.

im feeling a bit lonely and melancholy....wanting to spend time with my siblings....to reminisce of days we had fun and try to match our stories....cuz thats what we do. i miss my brother, haven't seen him in a year...and that was just a short week. it seems whenever we do get together with my sisters we usually have to argue about where i will stay, what days we will do what, with whom and so on. i know, i should feel good about that, but it is so seldom that i see them, i wish we just lived closer so that we could fight and have the crap that goes on with relatives that live close by. my son live 2 miles down the road, i see him every day for lunch, but don't see his kids, my babies hardly at all. why? because it is a big production to get them here. i usually have to make a meal when i invite them over. and since we live with my in-laws, i have to consider them, well her now, since dad is in the nursing home. she can't take the stress of two little ones. so i loooooong for sibling closeness. i craaaaaaaave sisterly/brotherly rivalry. i waaaaaaaaaant family togetherness. i neeeeeeeeeed my toone, niecey and denden!!!

my brother is in austin, tx. i last saw him in may last year. it was his and denise's birthday. today is their birthday so i guess that is why i am so blah....i wanna be with them again. two of them are together, and he is alone with his wife and her family. i miss them all. i just think life is too short to see each other "whenever we get the money" or "whenever we can fit you in" or "whatever". i know people have lives, and i know they have extenuating circumstances, i have them too. we all don't make that much money. neither of us siblings makes enough to hardly make ends meet as it is. i guess i am just flapping my gums, i know it will never happen, i will never leave here, because jims parents depend on us, and now my son lives here, so we will not leave them here. and i know that my brother will never leave texas, all his wife's family is there, they have lived there all their married life. and the two sisters won't leave nebraska, that is where their kids live and grew up, so my dream of all of us ever living all together is just that, a dream....

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