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UUUgghhhh! Migraines!!

After a day at the aquarium and the beach, what else would u do? This is my oldest grand daughter, jordan, 3 1/2 years old, my son's family. They visited in Sept before my trip to Italy.
The proud papa and his only grand son. At the beach catchin' some rays.
Jim, Jonathan, my son, and his son, Samuel, 1 year. The waves were pretty harsh, Jordan ran to the water thinking it would be "fun" to play in until a wave knocked her on her butt, then she was scared and stayed in the sand! Poor baby....
At the aquarium, Jordan looks just like my daughter here when she was her age...amazing!
My son and his baby, Samuel. He didn't like the alligators!
My baby, Jordan...at the aquarium.
Having a little snack with her Nonna.
It's bed time daddy, I'm soooo sleepy....zzzzzzzz!
My daughter-in-law, Jessica....and my little dude...
Nonna's lil man, trying to escape....
Jordan went to see the Imagination Movers, this was her face when they came out on stage! Do you think she was excited?

Well, that is my other kid's fam, thought I should give equal time since most of the post's are about Molly, my daughter's girl. Woke up with a wicked migraine today....give me a break! Had an appt to go see the neurologist for my migraines...you think I would of been able to go? Had to cancel.....poop! Enjoy, bloggy buds, see u later!

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C said...

tatoone! such cute pics... and to think i have nevah even metany of 'em. what a bad auntie i am! yep moo looks like shwinne, and nons kids look like him! how far is da beach from you? we will have to go there if and when ever we come out.

hope you's feeling better.

moi, maudit.