c'est la moux pas la choux.


UUUgggghhhhh! I ate something BAD!!

I am having the time of my life....except that I think I have food poisoning! I made some bacon....ewwwww I can't even say the word......and now I am sicker than a dog!!!

My daughter and her husband are gone for an overnighter, I am babysitting my lil Molly....we made supper and ate and she went night night. I am watching TV and get a lil hungry.....so I make some bacon...I don't think it was good. It smelled good when I cooked it, but about 15 minutes after I ate, my tummy cramped and the nausea hit me so hard....I had hot flashes...started shaking, turned all kinds of colors....and hit the bathroom at 50 mph! I spent the whole night there....needless to say, I didn't have a good evening. I am on a Gilmore Girls marathon. So I thought that I would get a bunch of them out while I was alone all night. Big mistake....all I did was visit the porcelain throne!! Nice night...

All except for the bad bacon, I am have so much fun. We are to a place on Tuesday that specializes in pottery. Then we are taking a trip to Florence. I love Florence. It has been a dream to go there. It is soooo romantic and tuscan! Just like the movie! Only I will be with my daughter instead of honey. LOL

Well, off to the stool once again! Write more soon! ta ta for now!


Granny on the Web said...

When something's done that to you , you never want to see another. Since a crab did that to me, I can't bear the sight and smell of one again.
Hope you tum settles down soon!
You MUST enjoy your time there.. no time for runny tummy's.
Love Granny

C said...

awwww paux tite toone... wish i was dere to take care of you and watch those movies.

missing you lots!

moi, maudit...